Destroyer achievements

I’m looking forwards to some interesting destroyer achievements and have come up with a few to get you started. X3

  • “Destroyer Destroyer” : “Destroy 10 Destroyer systems in any PvP mode.”

  • “Preemptive Destruction” : “Destroy a Destroyer system that isn’t on your radar.”

  • “Destroyer Builder” : “Build a Destroyer in the first month that they have been released.”

  • “Now you don’t” : “Use a Wormhole to escape while your engines have been destroyed.”

  • “Now you see me” : “Destroy an enemy within 5 seconds of exiting a Wormhole.”

  • “Full power!” : “Fully level up a Destroyer.”

  • “It wasn’t me, I swear!” : “Destroy an enemy with one of your auxiliary weapon systems.”

  • “Ditto” : “Destroy 25 Destroyer systems with a Destroyer.”

  • “I need some space” : “Push away 6 enemies at once with the Repulser”

  • “Closer” : “Pull in a distant enemy, then destroy it within 6 seconds of it being in range.”

  • “Stand back you fools!” : “Push away 6 enemies with the Repulser, then use a Wormhole to escape.”

  • “Can’t touch this” : “Protect an ally within your shield.”

  • “Progress is slow” : “Travel 5000km using your Destroyer’s main engines.”

  • “Meltdown” : “Deploy a nuclear weapon inside of a Destroyer’s shields, and deal damage.”

  • “Avalanche” : “Destroy or help destroy every member of the enemy team within 4 minutes using your Destroyer.”

  • “King of the hill” : “Capture a beacon and hold it for the entire match.”

  • “Invincible” : “Win a battle having not lost a single system.”

  • “Jumpscare” : “Appear out of a wormhole within 350m of an enemy.”

  • “Sudden death” : “Destroy an enemy with full health in under .8 seconds.”

Any more? :3

  • “Your achievement here” : “Your achievement requirement here.”

I want this achievement… NOOOOOOOOW!

Lel. Free GS for everyone! XD

hahaha nice achievements names for nice tasks

I know~


  • “Jumpscare” : “Appear out of a wormhole within 350m of an enemy.”

This reminds me of Five nights at Freddy’s (achievement name)


Where did you see that Wormhole thing? I wanna see it.