Destroy Items - WHY!?

I keep getting Composite Panels and having to destroy them everyday.


Why not make them convertible to something we do need? Like make it so we get a free bundle or convertible to mono or something other than just destroying them.


Have you ever thrown away one of your pay checks because your bills were paid and you didn’t need the money? I hope not, if so call me up dude and I will take it.


Also I know that I can sell them for credits but a lot of us already have millions of credits, like I have ~400 mil or something like that…

There’s no point to this change aside from devs making more “heat of the moment” money off of players because players can’t save up parts any more. There is literally no software limit to stored items, (aside from the bit count limit but it would just cycle back to 0 after some insane number,) so I don’t understand why they do this aside from the long term cash grab. There is even a max “limit” to old items of 10,000.


Notice the very large gap between a 20 cap and 10,000 cap. Or even a 500 cap and a 10,000 cap.


This whole thing with limits is only a “f*ck you” to players new and old.

Yeah I am just not one for wasting. I don’t like wasting my time or anything. OFC some peoples idea of wasting time may not be the same as mine either…