Destroy Dreadnought PvP mode

So I was thinking, each team would have a Dreadnought, with the objective of shield generators having to be destroyed to get at the dreadnought itself to ultimately be destroyed, the Dreadnoughts would continuously move around random paths, AI controlled. Auto reload could be disabled so Player ships could land on a reloading bay at the back of the dreadnought to reload missiles and repair shield and hull faster, I also thought you could have side docks so players could control side mounted guns from the dreadnought, although it would mean your ship would be vulnerable while in control, kind of got the idea from the Titan ships in Battlefield 2142.

Sound any good???



please be aware there is sth. similar to be implaced to the game.

If you look  closely you can find some hints in-game.


The game mode is not yet defined, but be aware of sth fun

Oh, didn’t know. Was 8 hours on a sit on mower , I get a lot of time to think of ideas :slight_smile:

I like the the “Side-Mounted Guns” idea. Kind of like my Companion Ship idea. I don’t like the fact that the ship is vulnerable though.

When the ship docks in the DN they should be safe. Maybe different ship classes could get different weapon damage types.

Cool idea :slight_smile:

this reminds me of the space battles star wars battlefront 2 only it had escorts you had to destroy as well 

(dont know if the dreadnoughts will have some or not but either or, im happy)

The thinking behind the ships being vulnerable whilst using dn guns is that if your safe while docked no one would leave, unless there was a time limit before auto undocking and no return within a certain time.