Damm scenario

For the god sake, recduce the damege of the bosses in t3 scenario, only one missel of the missel laucher can nuke a interceptor, and 3 hits of a punisher pulsar can finish me with my shield/hull ful + 99 shield thermal res and 63 hull thermal res.


or then put a message " scenarios are only for fighters/frigates"

Dude what r u talking about?

R u using tier 1 ship?

Well… an interceptors not really the best choice to use against the punisher level to begin with seeing as they have no health nor DPS (nor buffs, or anything that really helps take out punisher at all). They’re OK in the earlier levels because they’re fast and you can easily wipe the floor with NPC fighters.


As far as assaulting the dreadnaught. The heck you usign a ceptor for, theres nothign fast that your trying to keep up with. ANd how hard is it to avoid getting raped by the launchers? Just dont fly in the open around them. Or if you wanna try, when your kiting the launcher as it tries to turn. Figure out the time between the active launcher switchign position, and when theres about 5-10 secs left before the launcher switches, GTFO. OR get over by the next launcher and look throught he shield, position yourself behind it.



They’ve said that they’re planning on adding more scenarios, but currently… Yeah scenarios are kinda the realm of fighters and frigates. (they you know have higher dps, and buffs adn such to help and all. ceptors are just good for high maneuverability)

i using the kite m (t3), iknow the launcher tatcs, but the swarm of npcs using heavy laser make me leave my atack position, then the launcher swit and rape me

Well in teh case of fighting the launchers, you role as an interceptors is actually kinda to go and kill off spawns so they dont interrupt your other members doing the kiting with higher dps fighters

but when the other just keep flyng in circles, killing the npcs…


And the npc spaw is too fast, you kill one now and he just resapaw with no delay

an interceptor can easily strafe and outrun the launcher. if you get right up on top of it. you can just unload into it. if your team is on the spawns, go for the objective. if your team is on the objective, go for the spawns. easy. 


Interceptor can do very well against the dreadnaught. easily capture beacons in phase 1, can solo cap all 3. Rush beacon C, as it’s the hardest to cap, then you can easily get B and A after. use the natural terrain of the becaons to provide cover. you can hide under the beacons and cover 3/4 of your ship and still have room to fire at defenders. interceptor piloting is just as much about being smart and tricky as it is about blitzing the enemy. 


For phase 2, take out flak cannons first, then you can sit under one of the barrels of the main weapons and not take any damage and just unload your tiny guns into it. 


Phase 3 you can either hide in the blind spot of the launchers, strafe them, or do spawn control as an interceptor easily. 


For the dreadnaught scenario i always run interceptor. a decent fighter and interceptor can duo this scenario. the other two players just really increase your margin of error. 



Phase one and Phase two of the other scenario are a no-brainer for interceptor. 


Phase 1: kill everything. stay away from the elites. 


Phase 2: take out flak cannons and spawns. provide support for other allies as needed. hit the beacons when you can. but it’s really not needed. if your team needs you to hit the beacon something has gone terribly wrong. 


Phase 3: Int was really not made for this boss fight. you can easily duck behind cover, but the close range weapons are the best for int. and the fact that all spawns are elites, you’re in for a rough time. dependin on your modules, you can either focus on debuffing, or blitzing. hit and run. you will do very little damage. if you’re the only one alive, you have little hope of solo the boss. interceptor in this fight is a support piece. if you can get the bosses attention and pull it towards cover, so your allies can duck in and out as needed. if you equip your interceptor with a sniper weapon, you can easily duck in and out of cover and smack the boss, but you will do poor DPS. as interceptors are not made for DPS. They are really fast support ships that provide debuffs. you can stunlock the boss for several seconds depending on your ‘race’ As Jerrico, i can use a military statis, ion, and then cacoon and stun the boss for close to 10 seconds. 


But really, you’re better off picking a different ship type for this part of it. It’s good practice to keep a fighter, frigate, and interceptor at all times. they’re all good for different situations. I personally rarely use my fighter, and can usually get away with either just my interceptor and frigate. 

A fast fighter or an interceptor actually makes a good “evasion tank” for missile launchers.  Get their attention and orbit them so they can’t fire at you, and let the people with frigates just sit there and unload on the things.  These things have no agro table, they just target something until they can’t see it anymore.  it the frigs hide behind a hull for two seconds, the things will look for something else to shoot. 

you forget the dam loads of npcs firing on you with heavy lasers and desisintehrator, man kil npcs is almost no sense, they come in large numbers with zero delay time to respaw

you forget the dam loads of npcs firing on you with heavy lasers and desisintehrator, man kil npcs is almost no sense, they come in large numbers with zero delay time to respaw




The ‘normal’ NPC ships do very little damage. even in large numbers. My Ricasso can tank 5 or 6 defenders easily. However, if an agent/Elite/Captain show up, they have to be dealth with, they do considerably more damage. At this point, you make a strategic withdrawal to deal with the bigger threat ship. then go back to unloading into the launchers. 


Interceptors, by design, are meant to go after other interceptors or fighters and provide recon/sabotage for a fleet. IE: secure beacons, kill other interceptors, spy. They really aren’t meant to take out key targets, that’s what fighters are for. 


If you want to take out a key target with an interceptor, you need to be smart about it. sounds to me like you’re playing an interceptor like a fighter, that’s not what it’s meant to do. 

hahaha Ricasso is a t2 interceptor, it mean you are playng t2 scenario and t2 scenario is very easy(i can solo). Try play t3/4 scenario and come back here and say the same thing.

hahaha Ricasso is a t2 interceptor, it mean you are playng t2 scenario and t2 scenario is very easy(i can solo). Try play t3/4 scenario and come back here and say the same thing.


i use my ricasso in T3 scenarios because it’s faster than my Kris. 


I do use my Kris occasionally, and will use it exclusively once i’ve finished buying mk. II equipment. but the result is the same. only the elites/captains pose a problem. an interceptor can easily tank normal enemies. can easily take out adds during punisher fight. can easily evasion tank launchers during dreadnaught. and can solo take beacons. 


I think the better question is why are you getting hit with the pulsar 3 times on your interceptor? it gives you a very obvious warning before it fires. 


Why are you getting hit by the launcher? you move so much faster than the launcher it’s ridiculous.