Damage/Death Recap Show Real damage / leaderboards ,,,,

Okay so after the patch they fixed the lasers i talked about the day before. so thats good news. Ion Feels kinda OP atm.


But okay so you have this new assist system that when you hit an enemy you get an assist nomatter how long it takes to kill him. this made the death recap show the right damage taken (but does it show total dmg taken aswell)?


Okay so you can now see all damage taken. but i notice this is with resistances so its still not the real damage taken. also for leaderboards in damage dealt and healed.


So you should put Damage Recap to show All Damage Taken with 0 resistance, so you can actually see how much you survived to make it a bit easier. 


cause if i shot an enemy with phase shield they take ca 38-40 precent damage taken. Resistance Value can be found here [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20483-damage-resistance/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20483-damage-resistance/)


So everything you see in death recap and damage dealt / Damage section on leaderboards is just the damage you have dealt to enemies including resistance. 


i really like the new system cause its way more fair and then killstealers will not be very effective annymore. 


I mean if i shot a singularity at a 0 resistance and deal 10 000 on critical hit. and then i shot on a guard with phase shield put to EM and gets maybe 4000 Critical. and thats way over half. 


Compared to all my matches so far i have only been taking the damage including resistance shown on Death Recap so i guess leaderboards and damage given is equal to that. 


if it was without resistance i would see how effective my build is so i can compare it to other builds. 


also for those who does not know it yet. PVE is not In leaderboards for damage dealt. also does not change the stats on ur profile. damage done in PVE is way higher than that. there is only one way to find out and thats testing it. 

Dude sincerely, your english is borderline impossible to understand.


From what i understood about what you spilled on this post, about you thinking the system is more “fair” now is totaly untrue.


Now, and engie instead of getting 20 points assist with heals, he gets 1 point cause their freaking drones start shooting everyone and causing low dammage.

Now, that target you took the shield out, and a bit of hull (Very tanky gunships) run away, and the guy who takes him down finnaly gets rewarded VERY low syn and points.


Basically this system that you called perfect, only benefits Pulsarers, useless torpedo spammers (both the LRF and EM TORP) cause they cause lots of dammage around the globe but never kills anything.

The Purpose of each ship, fighter kills ECM,


Engineering heals. also the drones you can send out from engi is quite powerfull, the ones swarming around engi is also actually very often getting a kill is you get attacked by recon or interceptors or fighters. those drones is annoying within 2000 range.


second off, engineering is not supposed to kill. 


the game is much more fair right now. 


also the damage shown on death/recap is with Resistance, it should show normal damage taken without the resistance.