Daily Login Incentives

So someone poked me about the epic fail that is daily login rewards, so I just had to make another topic about it.

So far, daily rewards have gone down the drain on almost every update. There were two periods where you actually got useful daily rewards, but they are no longer.

Now you just get a tiny bonus to credits OR synergy OR loyalty, and ok the 5th day, a container that generally only has either a part for a ship that is too grindy for you to ever have, or some useless manufacturing component.

This is a problem.


I had suggested something along the lines of “tiers” of login rewards that reset weekly like the current system does, but that is such an annoying and plebeian way that grants almost no incentive to login and play the next day after your 5th day reward.

The old idea:


Instead of giving players a free container when they log in, require them to play a certain number of battles like in Fractured Space. This will increase people in queue at any given time and would still be doable for players that get losing matches often.

This is not the only change I propose. I also suggest several different “tiers” of rewards for playing daily. Suggested tiers work as follows:

Tier 1: Bronze reward: Play 3 matches in PvP or PvE: Grants either 1 Lucky or 1 Rusty container.

Tier 2: Silver reward: Play 6 matches in PvP or PvE: Grants either 1 Rare or 1 Very rare destroyer part container or 250,000 Credits.

Tier 3: Gold reward: Play 10 matches in PvP or PvE: Grants either 1 Adventurer Pack or 1 Contraband Container or 1 Blueprint or 50GS.

Tier 4: Mystery reward: Play 15 matches in PvP or PvE: Grants either 1 Xeno-Expert bundle or 1 ship part or 1 blueprint or 150GS.



I have devised a newer, better way to do this!

Instead of a repetitive and boring free container each day, there should be eternally increasing rewards for each day that you play the game, much like the new mobile game, Star Conflict: Heroes.

Starting at day one, you would need to play one battle in any mode. Win or lose, you get the package for playing. This would go up by one battle for each day, up to a fixed cap of 5 battles in any rank in any mode needed to get the reward.

The rewards would also increase daily to make the next day always seem better than the last. It would still revolve around the “tier” model stated in my older suggestion, but would expand on it and give a better chance for super rare items every day. Each day would have a random allotment of specific rewards of which only one is chosen. Here’s what I mean:


Day 1 - 1 battle needed - Bronze Tier:

  • One “Economy Container”

  • One “Rare Destroyer Parts” container

  • 3 Monocrystals

  • 3 Xenocrystals

  • 25,000 free synergy

  • 25 Iridium

  • 3 Rare ammunition

  • 50,000 of all vouchers

  • 1,500,000 Credits


Day 2 - 2 battles needed - Silver Tier:

  • One “Industrial Container” that matches the tier that you played first that day.

  • One “Very Rare Destroyer Parts” container

  • 5 Monocrystals

  • 5 Xenocrystals

  • 2,500,000 Credits

  • 50 Iridium

  • 75,000 free synergy


Day 3 - 3 battles needed - Gold Tier:

  • One “Contraband Container”

  • One “Elite Destroyer Parts” container

  • 7 Monocrystals

  • 7 Xenocrystals

  • 25 Galactic Standards

  • 5,000,000 Credits

  • 75 Iridium


Day 4 - 4 battles needed - Platinum Tier:

  • One “Xeno-Expert” container

  • 10 “Lucky Containers”

  • 100 Iridium

  • 250,000 of all vouchers

  • Random Blueprint of the tier that you first played that day.

  • Random Dart or Gargoyle part that you do not already own. (resets once each ship is owned so that you can sell them.)

  • Random ship manufacturing component


Day 5 - 5 battles needed - Crystal Tier:

Group A: (Guarunteed one of the list)

  • One “Contraband Container”

  • One “Xeno-Expert” container

  • One random Destroyer component (refined)

  • 10 Monocrystals

  • 10 Xenocrystals

  • 100 Galactic Standards

  • 200 Iridium

  • 5,000,000 Credits

  • Random ship manufacturing component

  • Random blueprint of the tier your first played that day.

Group B: (Possible added second reward via percentage)

5% - 50 Galactic Standards

5% - 100 Iridium

2.5% - 15 Monocrystals

2.5% - 15 Xenocrystals

2.5% - Random ship manufacturing component

2.5% - 500,000 of all vouchers

2.5% - 500,000 free synergy

2.5% - 25,000,000 Credits

1% - 100 “Lucky Containers”

1% - Random destroyer internal structure

1% - 50 Galactic Standards

1% - 250 Iridium

0.01% - Random Ellydium ship cabin

0.001% - Random premium ship

0.001% - Random crafted ship

0.001% - Easter Egg (tbd by devvs because they like to sneak rare stuff in too)

0.001% - Cool Shades (glasses for all npc’s)

0.001% - 100x Party Bombs (fireworks and confetti on explosion)

0.001% - Random complete Special Module for random ship

0.001% - Fox Drone (Orange Drone that follows and protects your ship. (Permanent buff))

0.001% - Xenon Cannon (Fires brightly colored lasers that reflect to up to two different targets. (Fits any ship))

0.001% - Killer-Whale Of A Ship (#BigShip)

0.001% - 100x Cinnamon Bombs (Big bombs that shower affected pilots with vague info of upcoming features.)

0.001% - Golden Ticket (Gives you your own station)

0.001% - Black Ticket (You can dock at Fort Muerto)

0.001% - Rainbow Beam (slowly focusing beam that is rainbow colors and super OP)

0.001% - Ye Olde Mods (Can select to manually activate any previous April fools day effects)

0.001% - Pumpkin (Why is this pumpkin following you around)

0.001% - Do-over (spin again for double or nothing!)

0.001% - Hive (Bees for your hangar!)

0.001% - Random Crystallid or Biomorphic ship

0.001% - Crystal Prowess (Permanent buff that makes your ship regrow hull percentage naturally)

0.001% - Grappling Hook (Allows you to tow around any ships at a fixed distance. (Active Module for all ships))

0.001% - Terrarium (A little slice of home to put wherever you like in your hangar. May or may not have ants.)

0.001% - Big Blue Button (Active Module for all ships that does something random every time it is used. 15s cooldown.)


For every consecutive day that the user logs in beyond day 5, Crystal Tier reward is received. Additively, for each day that a Crystal Tier reward is received, the percentage rates for all Group B items will rise by 0.01%. Each item caps at 20% to avoid super abuse. If multiple items are rolled in a single selection for the bonus item, a random one will be selected and given to the pilot.

This mechanism will allow the user to get better and better possible rewards every day that they play. Not only will this give incentive for players to actually play every day, but it will benefit both new players and vet players because the things you gain can be used anywhere. (like old bug equips that could be used on any rank on any ship)



Now for fun stuff stats: 

Fox Drone:

Permanent “pet” type drone that follows the pilot around and shoots small fireballs at enemies within 1,500m that deal 750 thermal damage. 60rpm. It can be destroyed if it takes 1,250 damage, and returns after 15 seconds. Does not fire if the user is cloaked. The drone cloaks with the user. If the user’s shield is depleted, activates a small flat shield in front of itself to take more damage for the user. The small shield has 3,000pts of durability and takes 15 seconds to recharge.


Xenon Cannon:

A single thick beam much like neon lighting in signs. Acts like Destructor, but the beam will “reflect” off of surfaces a total of 2 times, imitating a real laser. Does not reflect off of ships or objects. Deals about the same damage as a Beam Cannon, and the damage scales with the turrets so it can be fit on any ship.


Killer Whale Of A Ship:

A giant oblong destroyer that comes default in bright pink. Three modules are mounted on the top, and one on the bottom. Has about the same stats as the Sirius destroyer. Rank 15 for obvious reasons. It’s passive effect repels containers in open space and re-cloaks mysterious containers within range. It doesn’t have any unique modules or anything. Just the standard rotating capacitor selections.


Cinnamon Bombs:

Like recon single mines, but look like EMP Bombs from detonation mode, and have a 500m explosion radius. Deals about the damage of a recon mine, but then randomly displays skewed and filtered images of upcoming features to the pilots that are hit by it for 5 seconds.


Party Bombs:

Just a party in a can, man. To celebrate stuff. Lots of fireworks and confetti and streamers and stuff. Upon detonation, it places several pickups in space around it that can be used by anyone.


Cool Shades:

Just gives all of the NPC’s aviators. And the tiny dancing men in the hangars also get shades. Sometimes an airhorn sound will play instead of a ship explosion.



It’s just a pumpkin that follows you around slowly. Why is it doing that.


Crystal Prowess:

Just gives all ships a base hull regen stat, depending on the size.


Grappling hook:

Fires an old-timey harpoon-shaped projectile at the crosshairs at 2,000m/s for 5,000m. If it hits an object or enemy, it can be towed around by you until they break line of sight or deal 2,750 damage to you.


Big Blue Button:

Literally just does something random every time it is used. It could teleport you 1,000m forwards or back, or heal 500 hull, or send out a shockwave, or activate a drone, or deplete your shields, or overdrive your engines, or anything. Nobody knows the true extent of this button.


Golden Ticket:

This allows the user to select any sector in open space to “build” a station in, where they can personally dock and undock from safely at any time. Adds a “[+]” button next to the standard factions icons in the station selector tab. The user can complete contracts that give many Monocrystals and materials instead of vouchers.



Just a big cool looking glass orb that floats and has plants and vines and maybe some small animals inside.



A small hive box is placed at the end of every hangar ship port thingie. The little people must wear protective bee suits so that they can stand around them.

Isn´t the daily login another part that where changed several times? In the end i mean that it has gone some changes during the time i played it before my break.

Anyways the current system really is “pointless” cus the rewards are not really worth anything. The boosters may be nice for startes but at a certain point they become obsolete and the free syn is just an “drop of the hot stone” in the end.

Currently if i log in i just open the container and don´t really care about the “price” cus it doesn´t really affects/improves my gameplay in the slighest + the 5th day container gives an extreme low reward (even if it is easy to obtain though).

Considering that the trading now will come (and the new “use” of Iridum considered) i maybe would leave it in case of the day 5 container that you can recieve the GS and Iridum BUT cut it by half (so only 50 GS and 100 Iridium) + a rndm item from Group A and B like you already suggested it.

In case of the Group B things i can´t really say anything about cus for this i haven´t played the game for way to long but from the reading your idea seems pretty solid and give the daily login a reason again in compare to the current one.

We may share the same craziness fox. <3

>> Fox Drone:

Permanent “pet” type drone that follows the pilot around and shoots small fireballs at enemies within 1,500m that deal 750 thermal damage. 60rpm. It can be destroyed if it takes 1,250 damage, and returns after 15 seconds. Does not fire if the user is cloaked. The drone cloaks with the user. If the user’s shield is depleted, activates a small flat shield in front of itself to take more damage for the user. The small shield has 3,000pts of durability and takes 15 seconds to recharge. <<

Vote for instant implementation! Sound funny, look funny and will be very funny. :smiley:

Back to topic:

What we get from ‘login’ in the game:
1 Purple spot for PvP
2/1-9 for Spec Ops(depend on what mode and on that mode tier)
4 mono missions
1 ship container to farm
and the trash container containing one random thing you don’t know if it will be useful at all(loyalty is for me more or less impossible due the rank BS and then elly don’t get any increase at all, the credits is just… only the synergy is useful, but only if you want to level and get the +% instead of the x amount…)

So yes a revamp is needed.
Your list is nice, just one point:

>>Random Dart or Gargoyle part<<

  1. This is not so good. You may get the same thing 7857756x… or you already have the ship. Then such a reward point should be removed. For trade? Not sure about that…

Darn, you’ve put a lot of work on that one. +1

1 hour ago, CptDoss said:

Darn, you’ve put a lot of work on that one. +1

Just a few hours carefully planning everything out really. I do this on a regular basis, but maybe 7-8 times per project to make sure its perfect. XD

I’m already seeing things that need to be adjusted in this one.