Daily Iridium gain tracker

Hello, while playing the game I noticed there is a daily limit to how much iridium a player can gain in one day. I think it would be very convenient if there was a counter that displayed how close a player is to that limit, similar to how when you hover your mouse over iridium it shows “x/8000” in storage, if it showed something like “x/750” (or whatever the daily limit is), that would be very helpful in determining what missions to play. ORCA1911 recommended that I make this suggestion on the forums.

Orca shall pass this on now.

Approved by the Fox as well

Yes, please. Would help with my constant worries, when saving up for something, that I will push it back a day if I spend 5 iridium too much on jumping. I recently saved up 3,500 iridium and made that target exactly as I reached my daily iridium limit, had I jumped once more that day I would have had to wait until the iridium reset to get my beloved Spike.