Cycling contracts.

Due to the recent changes of contract system I wanted to suggest a system that might aid in the reaction of the recent change. Just an idea, well more like a ‘what if’ or ‘why not’ question I asked myself and then thought I should post it up.

Instead of adding timers to contracts why not make it so that they cycle? What I mean is by completing a set of contracts, you will be granted a different set of contracts to perform. Each set completed would grant a bonus reward in faction rank and maybe a free module of random tech level.

What I was thinking is that the contracts would come in marks, much like items. Mark one being simple contracts that can be done in any game mode, specifics of the contracts would be determined by faction. Mark two would be game mode specific type contracts, the reward to these would be more than the mark one. Lastly mark three contracts, being the most complex and offer a large reward.

Progressing in loyalty rank would result in similar rewards. However instead of granting a new contract per rank, it would grant a new mark slot every 3 ranks. Ending result maybe 3 mark one, 2 mark two, and 2 mark three type contracts but this is just an example.

Definitely need more variety in Contracts.  And more Contracts to do.  


Its nice to achieve your contracts and stop playing but that happens too quickly during a normal play session if you get the right missions and not at all if you get Game Types you haven’t got Contracts for.  

Yes, I have to agree with the OP.


They need better contracts

They need MORE contracts

They needs to make it easier for players to rank up. Cause now, IMO and personal experiance, Ranking up is gonna take forever, as if the grind was already bad enough…

A player should never be expected to play without having an active contract. When I see the wait time for my next available contract is 2+ hours, I can’t help but believe 2+ hours have been stolen from my premium license.

What I am suggesting is a system that gives you a set of contracts instead of a select number of them. Completing a set of them will instantly grant you another set of different contracts to perform.

If we are going to stick to this system, they better add shitloads of more contracts. Cycling gets boring & it is kinda hard to track…


And, while your suggestion(s) are sensible, I don’t like it. Nothing can force me to play with railguns for example. And if one of those contracts in the set has a railgun requirement, then I won’t be doing it. 

Your pretty much cycling individual ones and keeping track of contract timers already, just thought that it would be easier to have a batch of contracts that make you have to complete them all instead of waiting an hour/s for one to pop back up. May also fit with the idea of chain contracts/missions that the dev’s have planning.


Those kill 3 enemies with _ _ _ _ weapon are the most simple ones to do. Don’t even have to actually kill an enemy for them.