Customizations and what it lacks

Hail guys, greenmithrandir here, 
As i was tired of repeatedly posting at steam, and know most of devs wont read much info there and only here i’ll try to be more active here.
i will paste some copies of recent discussions regarding customizations in game beside my own critics, hope that dont enrage  dev staff team memebers and getting myself deleted but lets go: 


I feel your pain, but besides that (this commentary was about some guy that was frustrated not having a way to have alien shiny skin again) , with ALL customizations, i just feel like a rip off you cant buy permanently a customization for yourself and use it on all your ships, like it once was with stickers in >beta version<. 
now you have to spend time , money or both to customize ONE ship, and then IF you want to change customizations on THAT PARTICULAR SHIP AGAIN cause you’re tired,or want a little change, you LOSE ALL you have BOUGHT before, dont know about all of you but i find this outrageous and offensive.
I myself bought some stickers whitch were not DLC ones that time, and now have them indefinitely, cause of course i bought them THAT time, in beta… 
there’s no excuse for being GREEDY that way, cause you guys seriously CAN MAKE MONEY from this game without such extreme greedy methods, look ftp games like Warframe for example, you can BUY and have to your account, multiple complete color pallets, not only one color, not only for that frame, and not until you change,losing the investment. Look that is being said from a person that bought almost all dlcs, have all premium ships till t4, played since 2013, and really had great hopes about this game future… (you could look it at that way, if you implemented a system like said above, it would open a diverse ramifications for waaay more game contentm, dlcs, complete customizations Packages (several of them, by categories and stuff), and take advantage of your great ship designers, which i know you guys have good designers, new gen ships design prove that) 

Originally posted by ST_Team:
These were temporary event, so, we have no plans for returning them at the moment. But all may be changed) Also there’ll be more events customizations in the future ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

As you publishers are so desperate about keep making so much indefinitely money with tiny things, and probably will not accept only my original suggestion, cause ‘‘its not lucrative’’ why AT LEAST give SOME WAY to have those stickers and colors you buy for the freaking indefinitely use on all your things?! like you can with DLC ones or ones you bought at beta? i have some ‘general’ and ‘individual’ stickers i bought at beta, and work like dlc ones, but there are two of them that i really wanted to have permanentely, but didnt buy that time, *( burning lion and lucky clover for example) and then u changed for this crappy greedy system of one ship one use WITH GOLD. 
Simply put categories of them at dlcs or bundles at least! or an option to buy and use indefinetely one by one, and then have the price of what you already have cut off from dlcs. 

You could simply back with those several customization options:
1- install for credits, for a limited time, for testing, for about a week, not going to install THAT one for ONLY credits on THAT SHIP again. Like you spend with those second booster slot, but for customization, and for testing that particular custom for 7 days at that ship.
2 - after testing, you could put that on that ship, AGAIN, but for 30 days or so, and use simple crafting components + higher price in credits, that would work for that particular ship, for that time, you couldnt do that again with said custom and ship ( completing 1 mounth,7 days of customization testing)
3- you could install without expire on only that ship, but besides spending credits and + crafting components, you use those again + some iridium,will not expire on that ship, but you lose if changed. (Like it is now, but not with gold standards)
4 - you could pay this >actual< price in gold standard + 3 or 4 monocrystals and craft a ‘‘stump’’, of that particular customization that you could use indefinitely on all your ships AND/OR a higher price in gold, but having the thing for all ships like was before.
5- having  dlcs with several ones divided by categories, and having the price cut based on what you already have/ crafted the stump and etc.
* i would suggest you put old beta way and buy for all ship use for the actual gold standard price, but you probably would not accept, but as you guys love time-grind walls i suggested this*
Here are my suggestions though i doubt you will even consider… 

Well, about event’s colour presets, ST_Team said right. There’re an event, and the whole point of this to get exclusive thing in time. There’ll be more exclusive temporary things coming, so you need to stay in touch to get it in time.

In Star Conflict we decided to make a system when pilots pay for repaint. It’s pretty cheap considering that you can get lots of GS just for free. Fro example we’re always have some contests aroung on forums, on Facebook page there’s weekly Steam Screenshot rewards 

Even participating in serveys are rewarded with GS, alongside with the achievements.

Your suggestion to make some rare resources an analog of currensy may be interesting) Anyway, all of them were delivered ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

sorry to disagree, but these ‘‘lots’’ of free gs you can get, isnt that easy and fast to get, and isnt that lot too, but putting realistic painting job in an arcade game makes no sense too, besides all technology factions have, in lore speaking, and as i said… putting way more customizations and having an option to buy them permanently, sure brings more players, belive it. Many players buy manythings in a game for the simple task of ‘‘collection’’. 
If what u say is true, that all customizations could be mantained in a regular basis with event and free gs stuff… there would not even have a true economic monetary  reason to keep repainting cycle the way it is for the sake of keeping game running (which i truly do not belive) from my point of view with FTP games, permanent stickers/ presets  collection (as it is with DLC’s) and full permanent color palletes (including more of them) would dramatically increase game sales.

You guys could even implement workshop things, customizations made by players, make more contests and polls to select the ones  that would be selected and then put those on sales too ( creator player would also gain gs depending on winning position ).
Create a Customization chamber in game which you could install customs you already have and craft temporary color sprays with crafting items again,times and cost would improve with license etc , and then mix with systems suggested above.

  ***Your suggestion to make some rare resources an analog of currensy may be interesting) Anyway, all of them were delivered ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)***

What about that suggestion of using gold + some rare components and >>crafting<< a ‘‘stomp’’/special spray and make a single sticker or  color pre-sets permanent for account? (like is with: event’s, dlc’s, ‘‘rares’’ ones at t4’s ship bundles, bought  at beta)  AND/OR putting some of them permanent at DLC’s aswell. (Like, maybe ‘‘General Stickers’’ section DLC)
Some rare resources only,  as an analog for >repainting< cost only, would indeed be interesting (but till loyalty, common crafting components or iridium, nothing higher, like monos, that are more important for other game impactant things, those which are more rare would suit for maybe the cost of making the thing permanent for acc).
All this would open players for more options and let them decide what is paint once, repainted at a cost, frequent mantainance of game’s economy, and things they want to collect at their accounts.
Ps : Did the others say anything about any of these lot suggestions?
       Pls keep this post updated when any consideration is made.