Customization options menu - add permanent/no-expiration service!

Each color, emblem or preset, etc. costs  230 GS.

You pay for the service each time, and you don’t get to keep your previous colors, because it’s a “service”.

This should change immediately!



Instead of using 230 GS on a single color, etc., you should also get an option, where “service” becomes like “life-insurance” , but you need to pay 10 times more GS, in this case 2300 GS.

Keep in mind, this also means, that if you select color 1 option, you can apply the same color option to color 2 or color 3 category as well. It’s universal and not limited.


What’s the catch?

You can use this “permanent, non-expiring service”  on any and all ships, regardless of their roles or ranks.

This must be the 10th or so time this topic has been opened… From all the responses i saw i can sum them up into one unified response for this and ever other customization thread in the future.

Each ship is basically “handmade”, what that means, they just dont make a skin and press apply to all, they literally have to make the one and the same skin for each ship in the game and theres 200+ of them. Huge waste of time so thats why they dont do it, messing with the customization part of the game is like playing yenga and u know you’re bad at it. Same goes for color palettes, each and every one, no automation at all. The other reason is making money which is fine if you are the type of a person that paints a ship and leaves it as it is, but if you are that constant sprayer, my condolences. 

And these are just the basic issues. Let’s just wait for it’s turn to be reworked, no suggestion of ours will help, maybe inspire but until the time comes, we are wasting bytes. Im not hating on anyone im just implying to wait until it becomes a thing so we can feedback it then. idk what else to say

Maybe not unlock for all ships but yea if we buy a paint and later decided to change it we should not lost the previous one. that frustrating to know that you actually lost some gs because of a changing minds :confused: