Customizable hangars

Star Conflict is a game about free space, do what you want and customization. You have more options to configure your ship than other games have even ships. However you can’t customize your hangar like you want. Sure we have 4 different hangars we can choose from but that’s it. In a game which allows you to change many things like you want (even the hub) it’s a big downer. You have the same hangar and even if you change your hangar from time to time it will get boring pretty fast.


That’s why I suggest a customizable hangar. A hangar which you can decorate with colours, objects, trophies etc. like you want!


I would like to have a hangar where I can decide the theme of it with many various things like you can change your ship. Not only that but I would also like to have a hangar where I can look freely around my ship. I am talking about the suppressors. Often you get stuck with your camera when you try to look around these beasts and yes I know we have one dock we can unlock at the Ellydium base which allows you that, but it feels very unpolished when you don’t have that dock yet and you want to look at your ships, but you get stuck all the time.


Well the idea sounds some kind good but where should such a hangar be?


I was thinking about that I came to the conclusion, why for the lovely Dodo Jesus don’t we have an UMC base? Think about it, the UMC is such an important organisation that even Jericho goes to them for help and we work for them, but no they have no base. Even the pirates have one and we raid that thing more often than I can drink energy drinks.

My suggestion, add a new station the UMC-Station where the player can have his own customizable hangar and there is even a reason to do it for the developers. Since the new colours you can have for your ships, which are costing more than a rank 15 premium ship, it’s pretty obvious that the Star Conflict Community likes to customize, even if they have to pay their life savings. (Yes I have seen people flying their ships with the new metal colours.) So why don’t create now packages for GS to buy for your customizable hangar? For example you can make a package for each from the 3 base factions and sell it for 500 GS each. Sure if you want to have an empire theme in your hangar you can go to the empire station sure, but it’s possible to add more packages with more individual content for the hangar. I am thinking especially about these colourful holograms you see at some stations on some maps. I would love to add them into my own hangar. Maybe adding a DLC for 20€ like this Soldier of Fortune DLC.

What I mean is such a customizable hangar would not only be fancy for the player but could make additional income for the game, without pay to win.


I am sorry for every spelling or grammar mistake I did. English isn’t my mother language.

On 5/19/2021 at 5:13 AM, Zeitron_kinda said:

 You have more options to configure your ship than other games have even ships.

The focus of the game is on the ships, as you said.

It would be nice to put it to a poll to see what the player base says. It has been a while since we had a poll.