Custom stickers and kill screens

Hi, more custom (player made art) is what I would like to see implemented more in any MMO but it’s often not viable. However in this game I think it could be done. There are some good pre-made stickers however it’s not the same as having your custom sticker done by yourself.

So this is my idea… you devs name parameters (format, size, etc…) needed for custom stickers. Players then make custom sticker in graphic editor of their liking and submit it in-game to devs for inspection for a certain fee (i.e. 50 or 100 of those gold plates). Devs then check the submitted art to make sure it fits the norms of civilization (none of the racist, offensive or similar not appropriate stuff) and decide either to grant or deny it’s use.

Also what’s the point of having a stickers if none is going to see it. In actual battle it’s pretty hard (even impossible) to see decals on other ships so I recommend the implementation of kill screen. When you get killed in the corner of your wait screen still model (like the one in docking bay) of your killer’s ship would be displayed. I think this would be a nice addition to the experience. The more kills you make more notorious and more feared your ship and your decals become among opposing players.