Custom HUD , Gamemodes and more

I lately talked to some People and they always stated the Same problems, one of those was the lack of HUD customization , another was that the game modes aren’t enough .


Custom HUD 

The idea is easy but most likely hard to accomplish , The HUD is a clean but chaotic one , people ask for more rights to build up there favorite HUD .

They mostly want to change the positions and the Colors of the HUD which i can completely understand , i would like to do the same but i adapted to the HUD and learned to life with it .


Game Modes 

I for myself would love a simple Team Death match mode , but one mode was always a talk worth , Asteroid Football/Soccer , it sounds weird but Star Conflict already got Physics on the Smaller Asteroid which can be kicked around, so why not take this and make it a Game Mode where Hull damage on Asteroids or the Object to be kicked around is Deactivated.


The mode would be funny and the Overall weapon damage should be lowered to some % so it doesn’t turn out to be a death match .


And more 


The Federation, when i started with the Federation i thought they are cool and all until i saw that they are squishy, far to squishy to be an enemy, even with my resistance up high i get killed way to fast and i’m not really a bad pilot, i know how to evade most of the fire but in the end i cant really make a difference in the fight since i’m always running away or try to hide from Desintegrator which literally 2 hitted me once , and i know that many Federation players do agree but most of them already switched to Jericho or Empire .



I would like to have some more suggestion to the things i stated here and if there are even any suggestion on this thread i will Update the First post .

Me2 also played at the beginning of federation. I thought a hybrid between Jericho and the Empire will be the key to success. I was wrong and quickly changed to the Empire factions, and I see no further point in the game the Federation, but I think that the federation is doing the best in PvE, but this mode still is not particularly developed.


Game Mods can and are a good idea, but it would be better to think first about finding games. For example, I have enough play mode “Detonation” and I’d rather play “Kill the Captain”, I check the appropriate box with “Kill the Captain” in the filter matches and looks to me just this game.