Custom Battles Enhancement

A simple suggestion, please enahnce the possible unregulated settings for custom battles.

Suggested options:

  1. possibility to play a plain mode, without any rules or objectives (ie, something like combat recon kill counter, but without captain)
  2. the possibility to add one enemy bot (fight 1v1 against a bot). The specific options would consist of making the bot:
  3. not fight / use modules or missiles
  4. not move
  5. have a set amount of shields or hull
  6. select a specific ship the bot would use
  7. import a build the bot would use (something like a preset in hangar, to save the build and import it in the custom battles)
  8. import implants the bot would use
  9. the possibility not to add anyone to the lobby and enter the match alone (you would then end the match manualy or wait until the time runs out).
  10. possibiltiy add passive bonuses to each side of the conflict (ie permanently add a bonus for the side 1 +50% shield regen, invincibility, invisibility, etc.)
  11. possibility to add objects into the map ( transport, nav station, bomb, beacon, outpost, etc.)

this would greatly enhance the possibilities to test ships and goof around as well.

Added for review.

It could be great to have maximum customizable options in Custom battle, but due to technical restrictions we can’t afford to do that. At least for now. But we’re working on nice replay instruments for battles.

Replay for battles? Mmmmm I expect a good amount of videos of players dreamming to become the best youtuber. In the end more promotion for the game is good. Also it can be used in skula1975 bug reports…

Seems promising if you ask me ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Though it is nice that such replay feature will be added, it has nothing to do with the ability to customise your bots for damage calculations… It’s a shame that it cannot be added if you ask me