Custom Battle Mode - Zombie Mode

It would be nice if you could team up with friends and destroy bots. The bots would come in waves and keep getting progressively more numerous and difficult. This would keep happening until all players are destroyed.



Sounds like a carbon copy of CoD zombies!


Still sounds rather neat!

Of course the synergy gains would be nerfed compared to other modes…

I think “Gauntlet Mode” sounds cooler, good idea still… ( zombie mode is bad imo)

well, mainly you want a never ending spawn PvE map


such a proposal have already be proposed and declined.



It almost happens in HMS PvE anyway, you end up with heaps of Elite Commanders (Pirate Warlord) if you spend too long mucking around :slight_smile:

I like the idea.  

I like the idea as well,  so I proposed it as well but it got declined at the moment - sorry