Current Concerns

This is a list of my concerns with the game. I am trying to make suggestions to fix it, i also feel that changing the modules may or will resolve most of these problems, but i want the development team to keep an eye on these issues.

  • Tank Builds Do not work well. Tanking should last 50% times longer then it does. Specifically on
    Tank Builds are to weak, to be used to sit and tank. Upgrading their damage reduction is needed, they need to survive another 30(fighter) 60 (frigate) seconds. A Good idea is to add the ability to use energy to regenerate shields at a faster rate, Working just like afterburner does, you hold a button down, and it regenerates shields faster draining energy
  • Frigate Abilities. They Ruin the game and encourage camping. This Destroys Dog Fighting.

These abilities are breaking the game. imagine you are in a fun 1 vs 1, excellent solo battle, and you get killed. This would really upset you. Need to keep customers happy. Move the frigate weapons to capital ship battles, and leave the fighter and interceptors to smaller ship battles.

  • Afterburner should either be moved to its own energy bar.

The energy changes are very good, they are keeping module spam balanced, However the use of afterburners puts to much stress on the energy bar.

  • Restoration modules need a lower cool down (need to be lowered another 10-15 seconds)

Restoration modules need to come down to 25-30 seconds cool down. the energy cost will prevent spam, and will help stabilize the tanking builds

  • Each ship should not be able to kill the other. Instead Each ship should excel at killing the other.

2 Interceptors Kills 1 fighter
2 fighters kill 1 Frigate
Frigates should not kill interceptors, and interceptors should not kill frigates (1v1)
Frigate weapons should be to slow to kill interceptors
Interceptor damage should not kill a frigate, Their damage is to low (unless they tank)

As the game becomes more balanced in module, the interceptor will become more and more powerful. This is because it can speed tank (dodge a lot of attacks) Does sufficient damage to kill the other ships. and has lots of modules to support it.

My self and many others have talking about the idea of a interceptor killing a frigate and a fighter, and we all agree its broken. It would be better to reduce their overall damage 20-25%, and make the Electronic warfare modules stronger, to make them more of a support/Tackle role.