CSL(Cosmo Sport League) creative group

Good day. For start, to make things clear, CSL - is not a clan, corporation, sect, but it is a creative community, aimed at public activity at sphere of  SC game and more. You can be a member of any gaming comunity and play there, we are a team for a certain kind of things … I could write more, but that’s another story.




You are young (or not) and ambitious, you have tons of ​​ideas, and you do not know how to implement them? Do you like to communicate with people, and participate in public events? Then go ahead.


Creative team applies for both Russian and foreign community.


Currently CSL activity consists of:


-Streams of different directions,


-The organization’s of Events and tournaments


  • Making video guides,


  • INN podcasts and video versions of the patch notes.


Due to the wide field of activity, the team needs:


  • Streamer with the computer for the streams (requirements: processor intel i5 minimum): 2 ppl


-stream commentator, podcasts, guides (nice voice, competent speech, the ability to talk about pan for 10 minutes): 1 


  • Video-maker, ability to work in either SonyVegas AdobeAE: 1 


At this point, the group:


  1. Kopets (Igor), organizer, leader, manager, stimulating w ith healing kicks for lazy-1, chief trader  of faces, management and creation of the logo.

  2. Casidy (Konstantin) - Streamer, a leading critic of games and patches’s, Event organizer, a junior trader.

3)ZeroCool (Andrew) - A commentator, connections with the foreign community, Tournament Organizer / Coordinator.

5)ELMustacho (Rob) -  Commentator from the U.S., Tournament Organizer / Coordinator , connections with the foreign community. The man who refused to sell an Xbox to Xzibit.

  1. Tealc (?) -  dictor, working on the INN podcasts. Our wonderful radio presenter from Australia.

  2. Bender (****) - Patron and our main inspiration.


All questions and expressions of desire to join - leave below or in the PM.


Thank you for your attention

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