Crystal Shipyard Raid

I suggest a set of special missions/achievements that are much like the “Secret Ship Hunter” missions that will require players to scavenge in alien worlds and do crystallid based missions to acquire the Crystallid ships to use however they like. Because it is now 100% canon for pilots to own and control the Hunter, Scout, and Predator, there are no problems with this. And since it is via mission/achievement, there is no “pay to win” factor involved. These missions should be available to all pilots of all ranks.


There would be three sets of missions, one for each crystallid ship. All may be completed to obtain all three ships. They would involve finding special resources on Leviathan, through an all-rank portal next to the Ellydium dock gate. The portal would lead to the surface, on the Leviathan PvP map, and most requirements for the missions would be found there. Others would include the usual PvP/PvE missions.




This would make a fun and rewarding Summer activity~