Crystal Omnidrone [Module]

Name: Crystal Omnidrone

Type: Passive hull module

Tooltip: Grows and launches a crystal drone that orbits your ship every 15 seconds with 750pts of strength for a maximum of 5 drones. If they hit an enemy, they are afflicted with various strange effects.

Drone stats:

Damage: 175 EM

RoF: 60rpm

Maximum range: 2,000m

Duability: 750pts

Size: incredibly tiny

Effects: (Have a 1% chance of occurring)

  1. Crystal Mass: Begins growing crystals around the afflicted ship’s engines. These reduce the ship’s max speed by 20% until they are burned away by the afterburners for 5 seconds.

  2. Crystal Plating: Begins growing large chunks of crystal on the hull of the afflicted ship using its energy banks. These increase its resistances by 30pts but reduce energy regeneration by 20% until the plates are blasted off from 7,500 damage.

  3. Crystal Mine: Grows a crystal polyp on the hull of the afflicted ship that will violently explode when within 150m of another ship.

  4. Crystal Generator: Boosts the effects of Crystal growths by 25% but also increases the afflicted ship’s shield regeneration speed by 20%.

  5. Scratched hull: “Crystal projectiles graze your hull leaving small cuts in it. This gives a great anchor to new Crystal infection.” Makes Crystal growth 1% more likely.

  6. Omnishield: Creates a static barrier on the afflicted ship that blocks both incoming and outgoing shots for 4,500pts of damage.

  7. Crystal Jet: Uses energy from the engines to push the afflicted ship in a single random direction at 120m/s for 11 seconds but only while the ship’s engines are active.

  8. Inverted Growth: Grows crystals in to the target’s hull that deal increasing damage for 6 seconds. After this, the afflicted target’s hull volume is replaced with the new growth.

  9. Dephasing Crystal: Mounts itself on the afflicted ship and shuts down their shields for 8 seconds, allowing shots to hit the hull directly. Has 250pts of strength and if destroyed by incoming fire restores the shields.

  10. Crystal Prism: Reflects all beam weapons in a random direction. Changes their damage type to EM.

  11. Crystal Cork: Plugs up the target’s turrets with crystals. This shuts down 50% of their turrets for 15 seconds.

If they act as a drone, they aren’t something “new”. I’m not against it, but your suggestion make me wonder… What if you equip something like this without the attack ability from the drones. Equip it into some fast inty and start bumping against enemy ships. It can be fun for a while for the pilot and quite annoyance for the enemy ships.