Crystal Farms

Because of the upcoming crystal ship takeover, I suggest a less grindy way to get xenocrystals and structure parts for the ships and weapons. A new tab called “Crystal Farm” should be added that leads to a “planetoid” where the user can seed crystal growth using xenocrystals that they already have. This would be a slower process to gain them but require very little of the user.

The “Planetoid” would be comprised of a number of “seed locations” where user can “plant” their crystals. After they are planted, over time they will grow across the planet. Say if you started with all 10 slots seeded, after one week you would have a harvest 250 crystals, as each one would have a maximum of 25 crystals per seed. The planetoids would be relatively costly, but pay out in the long run. No monocrystals or crafting parts would be required, but instead large quantities of Iridium or credits so the user could buy the farm outright instead of having to go through the hell that is this game’s grinding system.