Crystal destabilisator

As we all know: one of the most broken things about Ellydium ships is their insane regeneration. So how about this


After suffering in more than the economical way under Ellydium coorporations influence spreading across the whole universe, Emperial engineers started research on the weaknesses of ships manufactured with crystal tech. They found out, that the concept of absorbing particles around them crystal ships in order to regenerate their hulls, can be reversed by changing the structure of those crystals, which causes a chemical reaction generating a lot of heat, whenever particles are absorbed. Because of the extreme adaptability of alien crystals the this change will be reversed after a short time. This phenomenon caused the engineers to change the original blueprint into a weapon, that can be installed on any human ship.


Name: Crystal destabilisator


Effect: Changes the crystal structures of an ellydium ships crystal hull, to cause hull degeneration when trying to regenerate.


Target: Locked target


Duration: 10-20s


Cooldown: 60s


Range: 1500 - 2000m


Additional description: Turns all regeneration, the ship would recieve by using

a) it’s special module

b) the effect of it’s special hull modifyers (e.g. viritual particle condensor/ matter absorber)

                            into thermal damage directly directed to the hosts hull instead.


This is not totally overpowered because:

a) any damage dealt by this module can be avoided by not using regeneration abilitys

b) the effect can be thrown off by crashing into a rock (like spy drones)

c) the effect has a short duration (shorter than crystal inflator)

d) the module has a long cooldown period

e) the module only works against alien ships

Excellent idea !

I Like it!

I Had a similar idea in a Jericho ship idea I posted a while back. It just makes regeneration burn them instead of heal them, for proportional amounts. It worked on shields too though.

Form one 1shot to another, the concept is good tho it just needs a bit more thought put into it so it doesnt go overboard.

LOL so what is a destabilisator?


…disintegrator - would this word  fit better?

Is this for intie or fighter or frigate module?

Crystal Minimizer

Crystal Diminish

Crystal Injector

Crystal Re-Router


Plenty of real words out there that could be used ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)


LOL Other than that its neat idea



crystal decay

3 minutes ago, evo888 said:

crystal decay

We have a winner.

On 18.7.2017 at 6:42 PM, Milfeulle said:

Is this for intie or fighter or frigate module?


I forgot to mention: It is multipurpouse.


On 18.7.2017 at 4:29 PM, xXConflictionXx said:

LOL so what is a destabilisator?



Does that word not exist? Well, i meant something that makes the crystals go unstable, causing them to degenerate instead of regenereate.