Cruiser Concept #1

All stats subject to change as the devs release more information about the cruiser class. This is simply an idea for now, as I really have no skill in modelling that I know of. If you’d like to add to the idea, please do so, as I have no idea how cruisers are going to work. ^^;

Name: X99 Punisher Cruiser

Type: Cruiser-class ship

Ranks: Tier 5

Synergy Upgrades: 1) Increases cannon damage by 10%. 3) Increases launch-rate of torpedoes by 1 per launch. 7) Increases cannon damage by 10%. 8) Increases radar range by 200%. 10) Opens a second torpedo bay

Shield capacity: 80,000pts

Hull capacity: 120,000pts

Speed: 90m/s

Rotation speed: 3°/s

Main weapon: Doomsday Accelerator*

Turrets: 4 Plasma turrets, 2 Missile turrets, 2 Beam turrets.

Main module: Torpedo Bay**

Model: An Empire cruiser reminiscent of the Pirate Cruiser seen in Defence Contract, but more streamlined like the large cargo-ships seen in Invasion. The bays are on each side and the middle is split open revealing a massive cannon which is the cruiser’s main weapon. Five large engines drive the ship from the rear. The four plasma turrets are mounted on the rear of the ship by the engines with two on top and two on bottom. The missile turrets and beam turrets are on the front of the ship, mounted on either side.

*Doomsday Accelerator:

Name: Doomsday Accelerator

Type: Single Cannon Cruiser Main Weapon

Tier: 5

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Range: 20km

Damage: 15,000 (undetermined type)

Function: Charges for 5 seconds, showing energy being drawn in to the cannon from vents around it. Upon firing, a thick white beam is released from the cannon, persisting for 5 seconds, while it is controllable by rotating the ship.

**Torpedo Bay

Name: Torpedo Bay

Type: Cruiser Main Module

Tier: 5

Cooldown: 120 seconds

Durability: 3,000pts

Range: 25km

Damage: 25,000

Blast radius: 2,500m

Function: Every 15 seconds, one massive, lockable torpedo is launched from either bay. The torpedoes fly towards key structures or slow moving players and detonate as soon as one is at least 500m away from it. Upon activation, launches 3 from each bay, 4 from each after synergy level 3.