Cruise Disruptor Missile

Specialized missile to tone down too fast and too annoying adversaries.


Type: Homing

Damage: Thermal

Manouverability and speed like EM missile


Specialized missile to target and overheat engine systems. Ship hit by this missile have afterburner speed reduced by 10%. Speed reduction increases to 50% if target have cruise engine installed. Effect last 10s.

Given that it is meant to disable cruise engines specifically, I’d suggest making it a slow turning missile so that it is not too abused. As the turn speed of cruise fighters is very limited they will still hit.

Far too specialised…


You already have the slowing field missile on the tackler, as well as the afterburner inhibitor module (can never remember its name). And anyway, part of the problem with crusie tacklers is the combination of cloak and cruise. This makes killing them almost impossible unless they get too involved, or get ECMed/decloaked at the same time as tackled!