Critical Hits deal explosive damage?

I’ve noticed that the standard weapons will “explode” on crit and saw that it wasn’t actually explosive damage. If it’s gonna look like an explosion it should be an explosion imo. Make it happen people.



You really can’t comprehend how much that would influnce core of the game, can you?

Explosive crits vs ceptors will be no crits at all, vs destros will be 1 hit 1 kill.

There’s only two things that can 1-shot a destro: Self-destructing and the Dreadnought’s Major Calibre.

Also, if anything, this would help against destroyers. They are already powerful enough to withstand fire for a considerable amount of time. Though I do admit that this would make interceptors exceptionally harder to deal with. Maybe tweak it a bit?

 Maybe tweak it a bit?

Or, you know, leave as is?