Critical chance vs critical damage

I’ve done some of the math involved with critical hits in game.  I’m ignoring gauss and positrons since they use a different equation.  The boost you get to damage over time is equal to your critical chance times your critical damage boost.  It’s that simple.


Yes, I know that seems too simple, but here’s the math I used.






If using the Fed R6 implant, it is almost always to increase critical chance instead of critical damage.  For rails and lasers you need to have a critical chance of over 50%.  For plasma you need more than 62.5% chance to want to boost damage.


Without Fed R6, it’s halved.  For rails and lasers, if your critical chance is over 25%, it’s better to increase critical damage.  For plasma, it’s 37.5% chance.


To know whether to boost your critical chance instead of critical damage, if multiplying your critical chance increase by your current critical damage bonus is larger than multiplying your critical damage bonus increase by your critical chance, you should should increase your critical chance.




This is only for maximizing DPS, it ignores maximizing critical shot damage.


For the moment, I’m going to ignore Empire R6 and Jericho R6 for lasers, as well as weapon modifiers.  But as you can imagine, Shape Charged Shells are OP.


A true DPS of 3308 while firing.



I think I need a “Crits for Dummies” manual, because half of that made no sense.

Thank you for making the math. I was having the same opinion about this, and even in my very simple excel calculations, always came to the same conclusion, even when using a ship with 3 cpu slots, I always went for 3 infrared scanners, because at the end of the day, it was more total dps, and more reliable.

Right now I’m testing out Empire R2 implant instead of Jericho R2 implant, as well as the Fed R6 implant and Jericho R6.  The Jericho pair are more about landing shots, but for the moment I’m testing pure DPS.  For singularity, projectile speed boosts are nice even if it sacrifices DPS.

always chose gain critical attack

Rule of thumb

As long as your crit chance is below 50% pick infrared scanners, if you are above, go for critical dmg (it is a little wider than this, but it is close enough)

I tried to find the hard limits.  Without Empire R2 or Fed R6, boosting damage helps in some situations.  But after a point it’s a useless module.  The only circumstance I can think of for actually using target tracking is on a gunship with an Mk.IV aiming overcharge but only if you have two CPU slots for one infrared and one target tracking.


I also want other people to check my math.

Cool. Good that this seemed easier to figure out than resists.



A true DPS of 3308 while firing.




I have a Mk.4 T5 Coil Mortar that’s running on shaped charge shells. Gonna have to take a look again and do the math.

LRF has a higher DPS from the extra two turrets which give a higher rate of fire.  That DPS isn’t available on other frigate classes.  The rest is possible.