Criminal Status from Aura Buffs



Today I was flying through OS for some tasks, and landed in Imperial Transport Hub. A few seconds after, I heard an explosion and suddenly got a Criminal status on the top of my screen (no Aggressor though), so I checked the combat log, and saw something like Imperial Station Guard destroyed [random player], assisted by DeadFireNL (gravi-scanner, hull coating).

So, because my command fighter’s aura is buffing allied npc’s, once a random player decides to attack those npc’s, the npc’s shoot back and manage to destroy them in range of my auras, I get attributed as killing/assisting in the destruction of the player and therefore receive Criminal status, even with PvE mode enabled in a PvE sector (which should be downright impossible).

In non-PvP areas that’s not a huge issue, since I always fly with PvE mode enabled, but since quite a few sectors are or become PvP sectors (thanks to whoever made Stripped Deposits a PvP sector), that’s going to put a huge target on your back. It also makes all guard turrets hostile to you.


Suggestion: disable npc’s being affected by auras, or otherwise make aura assists not count towards receiving any Criminal status

Update: It happened again. Same situation. Some random new player attacks the local police within my auras, gets annihalated by said police, I get criminal status.


Apparently, this criminal status removes your PvE protection when you move to another system.

Whoever moved this from bugs to suggestions, at least appreciate the 'bug’ness of this situation. It needs a fix, not a balance evaluation