Credits for parts

Just a simple suggestion, I ask that contaband containers and other parts containers (or simply parts outright) be made purchasable with Credits.

GS-exclusive purchases for items that can be grinded in game is fairly common in F2P games. Changing this is bad for business.

Well then credits for parts straight-up. Like, another tab in “shop” should be “parts” where you can buy parts like graphite and osmium for relatively high prices. Monos, though, should remain invasion/GS rewards.

Just recycle green kits. Easy to get, free to recycle.

Yes, but they are expensive to buy and are inconsistent in what that yield. They don’t tell us what we get.

Yes, but they are expensive to buy and are inconsistent in what that yield. They don’t tell us what we get.

Kits can’t be bought. They are trophies.

Sorry, TheDarkRedFox, but this will never happen.

We should have some passive Kit system, which would provide us with unlock in our workshop, which could be tied to Open Space.


I am talking about Mark 2, 3, 4 and even 5.

All Mk kits should be available, no questions.

Also, I thought you were talking about actual modules salvaging. Regardless of what format of salvage, the salvaging process is so unreliable that it is really not a good option unless you spend all day splaying PvP non-stop.

Maybe one day they will expand on Open Space a bit and we will be able to mine for specific materials in specific locations. Or maybe even trade in kits/modules etc to factions for specific materials. Or even have some playable missions that yield materials, lots of possibilities.


They could incorporate something similar to Firefalls mining feature, could be fun. Would be really good if there were even rare mineral deposits that had a low chance of monocrystals to be mined, or some form of mineral that could be used in the production of monos.

Tbh I’d much rather have loot spots drop materials 100% of the time instead of getting useles 11k credit items I can’t use. That’d make everything better, and make more people do PvP instead of the other modes. Win-win for everyone’s though someone’s gonna come in and ruin the idea with some stupid excuse or personal opinion. Sthu whoever you are.