Crazy Missiles

I was just thinking about the whole cluster missile mechanic and remembered that I was playing with a similar mechanic in another game a while ago. I made something that I called the “crazy missile” that would break in to a “cluster” of one identical missile every second (or like every 0.8 seconds) and re-lock the nearest target. Although I had to make a separate projectile file for each iteration, it worked exactly as intended and gave the missile a very “crazy” look as it flew around from target to target as they moved. I think something similar would be cool to see in Star Conflict. And mind you there is no copyright attached to that other game so go ham.


Name: Crazy Missile

Type: Crafted Secondary Weapon

Damage: high

Explosion radius: medium/low

Flight range: high

Flight speed: medium/low

Turn speed: high

Tooltip: This unstable missile will re-track the nearest target every second until it reaches its maximum range or hits something. Turns quickly but flies relatively slowly.


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