Couple of suggestions


Matchmaking should limit players to have matches against ships ±1 of their ship tier, but excluding T1. This should enable T1 players to play against T1 players only, while T2 players will face T3 at most and so on.




EVERYTHING (module/repair/etc) should be reduced because of loot price changes (Nice stealth nerf there.). I do realize that Gaijin does not want people to own every single ship just like what Gaijin did with War Thunder economy, but Star Conflict is not War Thunder.


In Star Conflict you have to purchase different modules for the ships (It can go up as many as 16.) and each module cost skyrockets as tier and rating goes up. This means that for each ship a player purchases regardless of tier, the players will have to spend additional amount exceeding the amount they spent purchasing a single ship if they want to buy Mk.2 modules at least. (About half if only Mk.1 was purchased.) When I started grinding for credit ever since I hit Rank 9, I could barely save enough money to buy a King Kastor and Mk.1 modules pre-patch so talk about how difficult it will be for newer players who will have to grind even more just to buy a ship with ‘standard modules’ that nobody wants.



Faction Grinding

Current faction contract grinding is bit of a joke. The reward is small compared to the reputation/experience earned per battle, not to mention the time limit imposed on each contract making it a painful and long grind. I do understand that Gaijin wants people to buy premium modules instead of just grinding fast for Mk.3, but when grind becomes insanely time consuming the game just becomes another p2w. There should be a balance between grinding and being able to buy Mk.3 modules, instead of current ‘Well if you don’t want to grind for 100 hours just to achieve Rank 9 in one faction you should just buy premium modules’.

Nerf the new matching system. T1 ships should not be put in the same match as T3. The old matching system was fine. It is never fun to play against people who have an unfair advantage. I don’t even know why the system changed. On the poll that asked about matching, the majority was clearly in favor of matching with ships of your own tier. Even pairing T1 with T2 and T3 with T4 had more votes that one queue with all tiers combined. So in other words, read the polls to figure out what the customer/gamer wants.


Another suggestion, bonuses should be brought up. I have T2 ships and the repair costs for dying 3 times are astronomical. (upwards of 30k without ammo refills) You should either make matches award higher, or bring repair costs way down. I can understand high repair costs on T4, but not T2.


Also, I think that being able to purchase a 4th ships slot should be cheaper. You either have to be active for 20 weeks in order to obtain enough black market credits from daily bonuses, or you have to play many hours to get a high enough rank. If a player doesn’t want either of these, they need to pay $10.50 for enough credits. This needs to be worked out.


Also, licenses need to be revamped. I think everyone should get a permanent license, but you can use black market credits to upgrade the license. I feel like the upgrades should be permanent. (Spend 3000 black market credits to upgrade each time, and set a max upgrade limit). I know from my experience and my friends experiences, playing with a license is much more fun.


Please consider these items.