Couple of consideration about balance

WEll I played a lot after last patch and here is what i think it’s still to be done…


The whole weapons system is pretty well balanced and perfect atm (i’m seeing players using nearly avery kind of weapons now, GREAT AND WELL DONE GUYS) but…


  1. Heavy lasers need to be underpowered a bit (20%-25% at least)


2)Stab railguns need to be overpowered a bit after last nerfing, maybe 10-15%


Other important things are:


  1. Disabling modules on Empire Attack ships should be absolutely forbidden…They just come close to you,

disble your ship and start that insanely powerful special they got to kill you in no more than 5 secs…A veeeeery easy way to win :frowning:

No good at all


  1. Deisntagrator on empire firgates is still insanely overpowered… I’m flying T3 and it’s so ridiculous that I can still find that the best player of the match (no matter if it’s a team mate or an opponent) is just a Ace pplayer flying a t1-t2 empire frigate snipering everythging and ruining the dog fightng (not even to mention when the empire firgate is a T3 or T4).

Why not simply putting the disintagrator range at 6k??? ( and absolutely no more than that ) Other wise damage should be reduced of 40%


  1. Federation interceptors and frigate specials are still absolutely crap and completely useless. above all compared to other factions specials :frowning: You could remove them form the game at any moment and no one will notice that…So please think about something more useful for fed ints and frigs specials or at least increase of 30-40% damage sustained by the ints special and frigs bots wich is simply ridicoulous (maybe using 4 bots instead of 2 could be more useful too), I can’t even scratch enemiey ships paint with that useless stuff lol

There are two way to nerf frigate.


The simple one : nerf damage. Then no one would play it.

The hard one : make people protect them, and opponent attack them.


I just can’t understand why sometimes my team cant take this xxxx beacon because of frigates. Then they cry while I go try to kill/annoy their frigates. Then the frigates can’t shoot my team, and my mates get the beacon (and sometimes I die … without any points … ). 

Just kill them !! Nobody protect them !!

I you cant kill them, just annoy them !! They cant defend AND kill your mates unless their mates come to protect them, and let the beacon free for your team.


If just hope the dev will not just nerf damage. I hope that people will learn a little bit more strategy and that the dev will help them in this way.


For example :


A frigate give a buff through a support module

The frigate die.

Everyone who had this buff will lose 20 points.


Then perhaps people would make a choice : Do I have to attack or protect my frigate.

And perhaps killing a frigate should give more points that killing a interceptor.

Frigates are not OP, Empire frig desintagrator is OP. That desint needs to be underpowered a lot, and heavy lasers are OP too


Federation frigs have defensive bots wich are pretty useless, and they need to be overpowered a bit…

 Everything else is fine.

It…bothers me a little bit that the high level weapons are just so clearly superior, yet they allow them to play with people of lower levels. And to be honest, I’m getting tired of practically getting one shot by that desintegrator module…I mean hell I was a T2 and a T1 module two shot me in my frigate, with full shields.