Country of Residence

I feel like this game burdens players seeking to play with others in a peculiar way; there is no discernible way to innately know someone’s country of origin.  This is especially annoying when squadding up with someone for the first time.  I am a US player, and I get mostly EU/RU games.  My ping is fairly high (but slightly playable) and I feel like I hinder my team because I often get disconnected due to ping-related issues.  I don’t want to squad with an EU/RU player versus a US player because the US player will either be in the same situation as me, or we get a US server (because for some reason 2 pilots from the same country get higher chances of getting their homeland server?)


Regardless, there should be some system that will show every pilot’s country of origin.  It could be on the player profile, but I recommend having it displayed in these areas.  


  1.  In the pilot profile in game.

  2.  In the pilot profile in the forums (all).

  3.  In the hanger chat window (optional).  “(Small Flag) Engle:  Hey, how is everyone?”

  4.  Next to pilot names on the in-game scoreboard and team list.


Now, this could create some targeting problems, meaning that, in an RU server, an RU player sees a US player and decides to target him/her because s/he knows the player has a high, unplayable ping.  I doubt this will be very prevalent, but it is surely something to consider.


Thoughts?  Suggestions?

Most players squad with players they know, not with randoms. Be that as it may, if you squad with someone there is ample opportunity to simply ask their nationality.

Also my real life locations is nobody’s business unless I choose to tell them.