Countdown timer for special tasks

Too many people ask how much time they have to finish a mission, so my suggestion is after accepting the special tasks like a broker task or daily task, a timer appears that shows how much time they have to finish the assignment to avoid any further confusion.

![:good:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/good.gif “:good:”)


It would be nice that we would have such timer.

Additionally, since we are speaking about such details, any pending Broker missions should be visible on the right of the screen, like in OS daily missions or for every special event.

+1 to this.

CinnamonFake, tell us that every special mission will be visible in PvP, PvE, or OS, if related, so that we can track of its progress at all times.

If we don’t want such info, we can just minimize the interface in-game.

i’ve just read about the timer and it sound reasonble, but to make tasks visible while flying? Not sure about it, the flying interface should be clear as possible, without too much icons messing around.

Basically a countdown timer in tasks/missions window on every mission so you know how much time you got, something similar to the mission countdown the 50 iridium task has once done, that would be cool.