Could the Fort-4 launcher be any more overpowered?

So by now I believe all of us have had the honor to meet or even use the weapon unique to Albireo. My question is: Could the weapon be any more overpowered?

Let’s not look at the weapon for a while now, let’s try to come up with the most overpowered weapon imaginable by ourselves, ok?

  1. It has to be a beam weapon - beam weapons don’t have any spread or projectile flight time, this will render any attempts to avoid their fire futile.

  2. It has to be an EM weapon - EM weapons are more effective against the aliens and also shields. This means that the part of ship’s durability that regenerates easily is more vulnerable and this weapon will be more effective in special operations.

  3. It needs good damage - for obvious reasons, a weapon can’t be good if it merely tickles your enemy.

  4. It needs good range - you can’t hit your enemy if they are too far.

  5. No silly weaknesses - plasma burster 17, the most expensive weapon in the game, overheats in 1.5 seconds. lol

  6. Some extra advantage - some weapons slow down their targets, some have exploding projectiles… it’s good to be annoying


Now let’s sum it up - a beam EM weapon with relatively high damage and range that has no silly weaknesses and even has an extra annoying advantage, something like for example additional damage, because ridiculous normal damage is not good enough… why does that sound like Fort-4 launcher? And it’s a destroyer weapon!!! Each weapon has some kind of weakness, but Fort-4 launcher can do… EVERYTHING! WHY??? Aren’t destroyers supposed to be a little weakened by their clumsy weaponry? Today I got fried thrice in The Defiler special operation. Do you know how? Not by the Defiler or by any of the alien minions, I got fried by a weapon with range and damage output better than the Halo launcher and perfect accuracy. Whenever I look at the leader board after a battle and there is a competent Albireo pilot in our team, he is up there on the top. You know why? Because he deals ridiculous damage and there is no way to avoid it. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? It’s absolutely ridiculous!