Color and slight shape costumizations on the ships… cuz honestly Feds ships colors SUCK so far, no offence haha.



Also I think the score system should be boosted, It’s not really fair to do so much damage on someone and die and then get no score at all…


Damage should be counted, for example 10% of the score you deal, or even 5%, but even those will make a diffrence.


As for me, a points system is adequate. It is true that sometimes pisses me off when I will take 80% of your opponent life points and ally meanly shoot. But as-or less learned to endure.

Would be nice that the shape of your ship change according to your equipment, like if you have more hull it looks heavier and if you have more shield it looks more tech. Also if you have extra speed the ships looks more aerodynamic or missile pods vs mines dropping system.