Corvette Ships

A brilliant idea struck me during a recent stream, and that was hybrid/corvette ships. Something that is kind of a half-way size between frigates and destroyers, and can benefit from a unique module placement and greater maneuverability.


Corvettes would act as an intermediate ship between Frigates and Destroyers, having much greater maneuverability and speed than destroyers, while not having quite the same firepower. They would be used primarily for assaulting key targets, defending a moving objective, or generally being a nuisance for uncoordinated attackers. Their strength would come from increased durability and damage potential, while being extremely specialized depending on the modules used.


Its primary selling points would be faster maneuverability than destroyers, greater survivability than frigates, and having the ability to mount a destroyer class module.



Some general specs are listed below:




Max speed : 200-300-250

Maneuverability (deg/sec): 25-30-25

Shield : 15,000-32,000-55,000

Hull : 100,000-70,000-60,000

Energy : 3000-4000-3000

Destroyer Module placements : 2-1-1

Active Module placements : 2-3-3

Forward (full) turret placements: 10-8-8


The Empire Corvettes would boast superior firepower as is the Empire way, but be for the most part lacking in defenses if their firepower is compromised.


Federation Corvettes would be nimble, and easily move in and out of enemy territory while minimizing damage to themselves and causing havoc behind enemy lines.


Jericho Corvettes would have a touch of class, and be stealthy killers, meant to blindside key targets with exceptional burst firepower and being able to tank damage to their shields, protecting core components while they cruise away.




Empire Corvette : Orion

Rank : 16

Special Module : Sonic Shift: Deploys a temporary station that rejects enemies from an area rapidly, and also greatly enhances ally weapons in the effect radius.

Weapon : Hurricane: A rapid-fire kinetic rifle that slowly increases rate of fire with continuous firing, reaching great speeds.

Turrets : 20

Optimal turret arrangement : 10, forward

Destroyer class placements : 2



Federation Corvette : Velociraptor

Rank : 16

Special Module : Parry: Activation grants a very short period where the next projectile will be reflected back at the attacker with increased damage. If the parry is successful, the module reloads and the user gains a speed boost.

Weapon : Blunderbuss: Sequentially fires kinetic shotgun blasts with a short range but high damage and high spread. Increased damage if all the projectiles from a shot hit the target.

Turrets : 18

Optimal turret arrangement : 8, forward
Destroyer class placements : 1


Jericho Corvette : Scalpel

Rank : 16

Special Module : Eclipse Generator: Enemies within a radius lose radar function for a longer duration. The user is cloaked for a few seconds, while speed is greatly increased. If the ship leaves cloak early, shield resistance to all damage increases. If the cloak runs out on its own, weapon and module damage increases.

Weapon : Eruption: A slow projectile is launched, with slight homing capabilities. Upon impact or detonation, a massive thermal explosion occurs that sends out a few waves of smaller projectiles in every direction. Very slow RoF, very high damage.

Turrets : 20

Optimal turret arrangement : 8, forward

Destroyer class placements : 1

Consider it sent. ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)