Corps recruitment channel

Their should have dedicated for corps recruit players by advertising their requirements

There are a few corps who freely advertise their requirements. For Dynamis and Dynamo, we tend to find promising players in-game who are not in a corp as-of yet. The forum sections for just about everything corperation related, go to [](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/225-corporations/)

No player is voluntarily going to join a channel aimed at spamming adverts to them. I’d rather see the option to apply to corporations directly through the in-game interface - and allow corps to post a bit more information about themselves so that any prospective players can make up their mind.


Downside to this approach is obviously that the bigger corporations will attract people far more easily than the small up-and-coming ones, making it hard for new corporations to establish themselves.

True enough. Or people will just try to join a corp that has high rankings. With too large of an influx of such players, it could quite easily drop a corp down. Often, whe n I am in-game and see someone asking to join a corp, I will look at their stats and give them advise on how to attract attention to themselves from corp officers, such as getting a higher game count (people with 5 games don’t have the hang yet, and should focus on learning and astering the controls), or to remind them to do contracts. Sometimes, I will even drop to a lower tier to play with them.