Corporations Only Game Mode

Although I like my corporation the only thing it is good for is finding good and cool players to squad up with or the ability to play sector conquest. Even with the upcoming dreadnought the corporation needs more features.


Here is my suggestion.


Corporation leaders, like CEOs and VPs, should be able to organize corp activities. Some ideas would be Inner Corporation Battles. I know… it needs a better name. In ICB, Corp members will be going against each other. Some incentives for them to play would be bragging right, which isn’t worth much, or the ability to get prizes like maybe credits or artifacts. 


Corp members would need to donate credits or artifacts. If they get a high ranking synergy score or something like that then they win a larger amount than they donated.


Let’s say each 12 corp members donates 20 artifacts. The pool would be 240 artifacts. The winner would get 120 artifacts while the rest goes to the corp. The other 120 artifacts would be turned into iridium. It kind of works like a lottery where you can change the outcome.


Of course the Corp Leader will be able to turn/change numbers. They could change the entering price to 5 or 500 artifacts. With a higher entering price the reward would also scale up as well. Perhaps 6000 artifacts. 


It seems like a good way to encourage more activity in corps and a good way to get Corp Iridium besides “taxing.”


Tell me what you think. 

I think:


Artifacts are too easy to get, it’s not and it will not be an incentive because the effort of organizing it will not be worth the prize.

GS would be worthy but it would be troublesome.


Also wings are there and they’re mostly ignored for a lot of reasons I wont say.

There is no rule that says you can’t go against your corp members. You can make custom battles any time you want. Making a prize is problematic, it may lead to abuse. It’s not a coincidence that there is no gifting or trading system in the game.

How would it be abused? Honest question 

How would it be abused? Honest question 


It’s a method of (can be used as) gifting. So the same way.