Corporations, Lets make them unique!

I was considering the idea of making each corporation unique, but this is not an easy task; you have to create a system in which there is choices, and the choices are so advancive that not every corp is similar. The only way i see that being done is through three’s and some sort of system in which a corporation gains points to place.


i like the idea of a corporation gaining a level, but this make corporations work very tedious and causes the ceo’s to push their members to do often unneeded actions that bore, are often under leveled. However, this is largely due to the fact that systems like this are implemented into game genre that do not support the system so well; lets look at a few variants of the idea which is


  • A system that benefits all aspects of play
  • A system that enables say 500 corporations to be unique
  • A system that brings advantages that are so advantageous being a corp (and especially a good one) is highly sought after.
  • A system that lasts a while, that is not easily leveled, and can provide 3 to 6 months to max our an aspects of the game.




From here we have 10 cats


Defense : For shield/hull regen, repair, Resistance

Offense : for Weapons, Projectile speed, Damage, Crit Etc

Support : For better benefits for recovery, energy, etc

Electronics : Better EWar, Sensor Range, Etc

Racial : access to these are unlocked via level with race.Access to these are unlocked via access with faction. Flying Ships of this type give better regen, and so forth.

Faction : Access to these are unlocked via access with faction. Flying Ships of this type give better regen, ability power, etc.

Player Related tree : Buffs for leveling, etc. These buffs are upgraded with GS

Corp Related tree : buffs for leveling the corp faster, etc. These buffs are upgraded with GS. things like a corp wide license etc.




the idea here is to create a way to make the corporations unique, but allowing them to level each faction/race uniquely - The way this will be based on the players of the corporation. When a player plays a game, 10% of his participation points go into the corporations Race And Faction.


So if i get 1000 points at the end of the game, 100 will go to my corporation, From that experience it will divine into each ships race respectively. so if i have 3 tech, it will give 100 exp to jericho, 100 to tech rep. I if i have 2 tech, 1 raid, it will give 33.3 points to raid, and 66.6 points to tech. 


Tree’s That Gain Access Based On Level: 

  • Offense, Defense, Support, Electronics,

when you level you will get points to spend, each skill will have 5 points that can be placed. providing up to 50 levels for the corp for just this area


Tree’s That Gain Access Based On Reputation: 

  • Faction, Racial

Tree’s That Gain Access Based On Galactic Standards: 

  • And Player, Corp


The reason for the GS requirement on this is to 1) help the game, and 2) so that there is no detraction from the game making money (IE things like Corp-related EXP/REP Buffs) Will not be used in corp, to cancel out the game from making money. (they have bills to pay guys).

Corp related Licenses will cost the CEO for example, 7500 credits a month to give the corp another 100% bonus to Loot, Income, Exp, Rep.

the benefit of this system is that people who make pure faction corporation will get a strong benefit. these faction based technologies will be very powerful and the best in the game. they will be so good, that every ceo will want to level them before anything else but will not be able to because of not having rep (when starting)

Since it is not planned to bind a player to a single fotress I think it won’t happen that corps will be forced to go 1 faction in order to be effective.

Corp skills are always a nice benefit,  but they should be only working in corp battles and not in normal arcade/regular matchers, because this would be unfair to non corp players.

it wont be limited


the faction tree and race tree will be divided accordingly

I was thinking of a way to simplify this because a member of my corp had addressed it


here is what i got


Option 1) we make each of the 10 skills (each to a level) have effect based on the PLAYERS faction.


Option 2) the faction tree has universal abilities, but requires rank in at least 1 faction to learn up to it


the purpose of this tree(s) is to diversify the corps from each other <— this is very important because it encourages corps to be faction or pure race based (but its not a requirement) just a major benefit.


The other tree’s will benefit the corp

Ie faster regen shield, low activation cooldown on the hull, etc.


But these faction buffs will be much stronger


if a defensive buff is 2% more shield regen, then faction will be 4%


please note, these buffs are designed to be minor additions, so they benefit the corp in the long run (duration fight) but not over power a corporation vs a non corp.

The more skills you will add the more it will be unfair to non corp battles.

These skills should only be active in the battles where you only have corp members and no non-corp players.

i think it should be given in corp space, and corp related battles.

the benefit of this cannot be out weighed by the common player. it should for example be a buff similar to a nerfed version of the differencial of the current mark 1 to mark 2.


Ie if should be worth about 20-50 dps tops.


an alternative idea is to let corp battles be based on the rank of the corporations. this can provide a stability effect in corp battles (a sort of type of quing control). just to throw an idea out there.

lets take some examples 




level 1: 2% bonus to hull or shield

level 2: 2% Bonus to resistance

level 3: 2% reduction to cool down of restoration modules





level 1: (Jericho) 4% bonus to shield Strength,(Empire) 4% Bonus to Hull strength,(Federation) 4 % Bonus to Base Speed 

level 2: (Jericho) 4% bonus to shield regen,(Empire) 4% Bonus to Hull resistance,(Federation) 4 % Bonus to Base Speed 

level 3: (Jericho) +20 to Fighter Resistance skill (Empire) +3sec to Fighter skill (Federation) +3sec to Fighter skill

at these levels by the end of level 10 (which will take 6+ months to get per each tree) will give something like


200-250 shields/armor

20 resistance

3 seconds to abilities.



in the end its a buff, but its not a serious one that is game breaking.


keep in mind we have options to counter this buffs for the players.

one of which i had a very good idea for, which was to create a starter corporation for everyone to be in, which has its own buffs that are unique.

these ones should be best for things like solo-trading, solo ratting, exp and so forth.

this way, the starter corp also has its own buffs, and a corp chat for all who are in it

the way this would work is that you would make a corp for each race or even each faction.

this will allow the players an atmosphere that they can get help in, it also allows the gms to place into these corps to sort out spam etc.


another option is to make the boosters more in number and counter-act these buffs to give income to the game.


people should however not work on this game in the area that they are paying money for buffs, but should pay for recognition, things like custom graphics, and so forth.


if the game is focused around lots of minor buffs you pay to get, then the game will through aq  uiring all these bugs become pay to win.