Corporation tools


Can we please get some basic corporation tools in the game ? Things like an in game calendar, to schedule events; a memo where officers and members can post things ? I mean, if you developer folks, would like to go 21st century gaming, and add other tools, you’re welcome to it. But at least 20th century gaming, guild organization tools, would be a blessing! Thank you!

Nah we are going backwards on the social aspect. You used to be able to see if your friends and corpmates are in pve, pvp, in hangar, in sec con, in open space. So you knew who to PM etc. Now it just seems that corps are useless. I squad with many people from many different corps, I might as well not be in one. League was the final nail in the coffin, where teams are not made up from corp members.

Well if people would be fair and not exploit every single aspect of the game, we wouldn’t have that issue. People used to bombard others in specific game modes with spam and everything sabotaging their event and score so thats why we only have the offline and online status now.