Corporation Suggestions

This may or may not have been suggested already, so if it has just please ignore my post. I am a busy person and don’t have time to sift through all the posts, or search through them.


I would like to suggest a few things.


One)    On the “My Corporation”  window or tab -  make an editable text memo (banner) to be seen by all corporation members.  This can be modified by the CEO and/or Officers (with permission) to change/edit the corporation banner.  The banner could have announcements or corporation details written in text format such as website address, TS/VENT server information, or special instructions about event times. Etc…


Two)    Editable ranks system.  CEO Can edit name of the rank, and add more ranks. Perhaps at cost with Galactic Standards. (Wait, I didn’t say that.)  Such uses could be to name a few ranks such as “WebDeveloper,” Vice," or “Recruiter” etc…   Customizable access to certain corp functions per rank would be nice too.  This could especially be implemented as the game developers incorporate new corporation features. I assume they will as it is in their own best interest to a more sense of community.


Three)   Have a more manageable and accessible system to joining private lobbies, with xp/cred gains.   This will increase interaction between corp members in gameplay and allow training/practice with rewards.  Using the /lobby system is doable, but not user friendly.  I know gameMode command changes the type of game, (1,5 are practice) but there still do not seem to be any rewards for using the other modes.


I have more thoughts to add, but will not do so at this time as I have to get some work done IRL.

Best wishes,


Faero (Dynamis CEO)




NOTE:   We are still accepting new members so feel free to apply. We are reaching close to our 150 member limit.   A few officers who can add you while I am not online. Note, names are case sensitive.





+1 for mega-stealthily recruitment thread oo. Just kidding




  1. I agree


  1. Don’t really see the point but meh, can’t hurt


  1. agree