Corporation Storage

I understand that the developers have said they have no plans to introduce a player auction house into Star Conflict. I am not suggesting an auction house. Players who have had experience with Black Prophecy will understand what I am talking about.




Give corporations access to a storage warehouse that all corporation members can deposit modules and weapons into, but only Officers and CEOs can grant permission to withdraw items.


This is specifically for experimental (purple) items.


However, this could also prove useful when crafting comes into play. Members could donate materials to help their fellow members in crafting gear.




At present, there is no way for corporation members to cooperate by sharing experimental loot that they do not want or cannot use. For example, I fly Federation ships, but I have an experimental Command module that is useless to me (since the Federation does not have command fighters). While I could sell it for credits, I would much rather help out my buddy who flies Jericho ships by donating the module to the corporation storehouse.


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i like this idea i think it could realy help as many of my guys have the same thing happen to them got the stuff but dont fly the ships

Well, unfortunately the developers will not be giving us any form of corporation storage.


I translated this post and put it on the Russian forums.


The response I was given was along these lines: “We will not be implementing any form of corporation storage that allows players to trade equipment.”


So unfortunately, that idea is dead.