Corporation Scenario battle

Hi there, 


Here’s a suggestion for , perhaps, the future…


In scenarios, would people be interested in fighting Corporation vs Corporation for some map objective, and the corp that won would be granted passage to the next stage of the battle where they could fight for instance…


Against a dreadnough and support

Against a couple battleships and support

A space station


And by doing one or both steps successfully winning in the case of the PVP battle some Credits ( not the ingame currency but the other you can buy, not much a small ammount to be decided ) , and by doing the PVE some green to purple loot for example…


Another ideia, if we could have regions in the game, or sectors, would it be possible to have corporations to get income on a daily > weekly > Monthly basis? And having the Corp leaders to distribute the money to all … or better … the system to directly distribute the Credits in accordance to the EFF and participation of the players in the battles for holding the said sectors? 



Another guy said, skins would be great, could this be included together with the decals? Or some Premium Implants? 


For the implants it could be done so as per tier and naturaly Faction dependant and having the premium implant replacing the regular one , plus you could limit this to 2 or 3 max premium ones.


What do you guys think? 



( well the post went beyond just the battles but hey all in one suggestion package ) 

I agree on everything and the idea on providing (gold) to players in corps would make this game more team based as most Corps require members to join up in team speak or another chat service for squads