Corporation Ranking fix.

okay, so i play this everyday and i see Red Star =RDS ranked as n1.  [OT] n2. [ALPHA] n3.


okay so, i never (barely not) see alpha in tier 5. maybe they play tier 4. (tier 4 does not always matchmake with tier 5)


but, i played tier 3 somethimes and i still dont see RDS or [OT] 


so basically my guess is that they play tier 2 and 3, maybe someone in tier 1. it looks like either (low lvl players or just farmers playing tier 3 when they have tier 4-5 ships)


but annyway. since this i think its wayyyy fair that we put tier 1,2,3,4,5 their own points to make for leaderboards.


they dont deserve to be rank 1 if they dont even play tier 4 or 5. (most likely i believe its because they dont have higher lvl ships it also costs more and takes more time to find items/getting mk3-mk4 items takes far more time. (i know you get less artifacts in lower tier) still it takes less time there.




can we get more points for leaderboards the higher tier you play.


i mean this is a place where you get the best tank and go play with it. this is MMORPG. its lvl’ing upp what you have. why should annyone that is not even half lvl’ed upp with ships be rank 1 in leaderboards? thats just wierd.


so yea, can we make extra points for the higher tier? like  equal win makes +160 now for everyone. how about make a system for how much you gain based on what tier match you are in. one for each tier.


that makes more sence to me. 


(just saw it made 2 of same post. heh my bad)

Repeat thread.