Corporation member rank titles and message system

Many members want an increase of rank shortly after joining. I think a set of member titles would help fill these players needs of rank upgrades.


Also I would like to be able to give one or 2 players the option to change the MOTD.


Some officers I would like to be able to recruit player only, and not have the ability to kick.

I think rank selections as follows would be a good start.


Rookie , the default rank for new players.

Inactive , marked inactive by the ceo to note to other officers this is the kick pile for when the space is needed group.

Vacation members who notified about a future absence so they don’t get kicked accidentally.

Member  Just a title upgrade

Sargent Just a title upgrade

Veteran  Just a title upgrade

CEO  Has access to all option as it does now

Co CEO Same rights as ceo except he cant kick CEO, or change CEO’s rank, or upgrade his own title.

Recruit Officer Can invite only

Operations Officer. Can change MOTD messages and invite and kick. Check box for kick disable would be nice.

Full Officer  Can kick or invite members only.


​A  message all in corp would be a nice upgrade to the mail system.


You don’t necessarily have to follow this, but some sort of title system would be a nice change for our rank hungry players.



Please vote my comment up if you think this is a good idea.  :good: 


This is a very old, but good, suggestion. Lots of corporations have asked for similar systems to be implemented. Perhaps when they address other corporation-based changes, they will look at this facet as well.


As for corporation messaging improvements, check out [this thread](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19703-announcement-system-for-corporations/). :]

Great suggestion. 

A suggestion which has been made before (albeit not to the same detail) and which remains valid and much desired.

I would also like something like that for roleplay purposes. 

I agree with the suggestion, i find it odd that a game in this day and age doesn’t have such options.


I’d also like the ability to see the motd at any time, perhaps somwhere on the mycorp tab, or leave it at the top of the chat in a way it doesn’t get gobbled up by the spam in global, making it pop up in the corp tab of the chat window instead of or as well as the global tab would be nice, less risk of disappearing fast there specially because i rarely have the global tab up except for when in a match, and even then not so often (i would imagine this is the case with many other players). Basically i lose sight of the motd, and in order to see it again i’m required to close and open the game again. Sure it doesn’t take me long to do that but i’d think its a simple and easy change to make some peoples lives easier?

I would love having multiple ranks. I would want it completely modifiable though. Like set the number of a certain rank and the ability to change the titles (would still have the same effect). I’m sure some corps would even use squad titles. I personally want to use Angel rankings for my corp, it would fit in more: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Rulers, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels, and Guardians. I like having a clan stick to a theme :). The co-CEO is another idea I want. Even though I created the corp, I would want another leader because I can’t be on often enough. If this was added to the game, I would suggest having custom chat channels. Channels like ranking clan officers. That way you could discuss clan business before putting as vote for the clan (at least that’s how we decide things).

I agree. There are a lot of games that have the ability to not only Name the ranks how you want, but check boxes for each so you can determine what rights each has just like the image in the OP. Just have like 6-8 Max ranks.

This would be great, especially if it was modifiable. I think it would help establish the theme of a corp by letting you choose what the rankings are called. 

[Veteran] JPhack is ready for duty


Also, make it so our titles show up when we speak into corporation chat. 


IT would add a sense of immersion.

That would be really great. I wish…


Also, make it so our titles show up when we speak into corporation chat. 


IT would add a sense of immersion.


Yeah I like that idea. Would also let people know who the newbies tot he Corp are. I also wish our Corp tags showed up by our names in Global Chat but that is a different topic all together.