Corporation mass produced 'flagship' or corporation main ship for individual pilots 'mass produced for while you remain in that corporation.

whenyou join a corporation you can now select a single shipthat is assigned as the flagship that every pilot will now have out of the rank 15 experimental line for that corporation - this will improve corporation join rates - and the ship is available to that pilot as long as they’re a part of that corporation in a seperate tab called the corporate tab - the ship is prebuilt by the CEO and Vice’s and serves as the baseline for corporate proceedings and is useable in all modes for pilots, again, for as long as they remain within that corporation.

(Including within the corporation ship tab would be a seperate implants area which will be visible but only changeable by ceo and vice staff and effects only the corp’s ship)


The new pilot would still be able to unlock it on their own and build it however they wish, and they will still have the option of using the corporation’s version of it as well for however long they remain within the corp.


The ship would be set up by the ceo and vices with everything from weapons, modules and all the things you’d normally place on it including those special modules for open space. Essentially a fully functioning experimental line ship mass produced as the corporation’s main ship for individual pilots to represent the corporation’s power and identity.


This would help to shape a baseline of teamplay for corporations and a good sturdy baslinefor newpilots joining a corporation to be trained in teamplay.


This would increase referrals by association by saying, come join the game, and while you’re at it,join our corporation, we’ll set you up with this great shipto start you off for joining for as long as you remain with us, etc


and it will increase player retention by allot.

To add to this, a fifth ship slot may be added as the corporation slot made soley for the corporation’s mass produced ship to increase incentive.