Corporation Headquarters, and Faction reputation

A suggestion here… After a Corporation aligns itself with a faction, it gains the ability to maintain a Headquarters within the main sector of that faction. The Headquarters would begin as simply the HQ, and then, through the use of credits, allow for expansions for the HQ, such as a tech lab, armory, ect. 


Command Center

  • Show all upgrades done to the Corporation

  • Show corporation’s reputation with given faction

  • Show corporation’s contribution to the Conquest/Defense of a selected sector



  • Allows for members to deposit credits for corporation expansion

  • Allows select members to withdraw credits 


Tech Lab:

  • Enables crafting upgrades specific to faction (Would require module components, and the required level)

  • Enables crafting temporary faction boosts.



  • Enables Weapon modules, and other such items to be stored, and shared between members. (Ships would not be share able)


Communications Office:

  • Allows for Corporation communication, to send communications on a faction level, instead of just player to player.

  • Shows incoming corporation contracts (Mission requests from aligned faction, and neutral requests)


And probably more…



I mentioned Faction Reputation in the title… How I figured this idea would be similar to the reputation you see on a player level, however, it would be a little different. The Corporation would gain reputation based on it’s members contribution to sector conquest, and defense, as well as its completion of Faction missions. 


What this would do:


  • Higher reputation would unlock buildings to be built

  • Allow more room for buildings to be built.

  • Unlock Access to greater faction tech in the tech lab.

  • Allow access to more dangerous, and higher reward yield missions. 


Anyway, just an idea.  



Yes please. More like this.


Bonus points to the developers if we get a physical space station or ship where members can dock/undock and fly around.


Even if it’s only used as a test-ground to test your new ships and shoot at dummies/practice targets.

I agree… yes please

Hello and thank you for the nice suggestions.

Some equal features are already in work, for example:
-Corporation Dreadnoughts(They will be some kind of main station for corps)

-Crafting/Upgrading system for weapons/modules

-Different hangars for each faction with a certain degree of personal customization

like all the suggerstions, and i like the reply from error too.


would be fantastic to have the corporation-modified dreadnought in battle in some way.