Corporation Fund

Summery: Allow corporations to have their own currency account with both currency types. These funds can be spent by the corporation officers only and only for corporation related expenses. Allow players to donate into that fund from their accounts. 




Right now there are a couple of corporation related expenses that are gamplay related. most notabely, corporation roster size is something that needs to be purchsed with GS. As this game evolves a

community war “area control” aspect which will be focused on corporations doing their thing, there may be more expenses that are best dealt with on a corporation level.


The situation now is that the expenses of the corporations are all loaded on the officer. To increase roster size, he has to pay GS out of his own account. It makes sense to allow a corporation to distribute the costs in some way between members. Creating a “corporation cookie jar” is a good way to go about it. 


A lot of players have small amounts of GS in their accounts that is leftover from purchases. It would be a good service to the community to allow players to pool their resources into community-based purchases, because it moves the burden of the purchase from one player into the group.