Corporation Filter in Leaderboards

Leaderboards under Pilot and Weekly rating we currently have 3 filters,


  1. Top

  2. My Position

  3. Friends


can we add a 4th filter please ?


  1. Corporation





I want to see how much better I am than Kine! 

there is one in the corp tab but it only shows pvp and pve effectiveness 



I want to see how much better I am than Kine! 


Put him on friendlist?

Friends list has a limit

Friends list has a limit


That and its fun to compare stats with fellow corp mates. It insights competition within and good ol fashion bragging rights. 


absolutely for this +1

By Golly why would my Corpmates really want to see my stupendous status on the boards :taunt:   

+1, or make the friends list bigger or both

Idk why friend list or follow list have a limit, 50 is not enough, and our playerbase is tiny compared to other games. 


I can’t imagine what would be to have a huge playerbase with tons and tons of players you know and not being able to keep them in any of the 2 lists, just because the’re are 50 stupid slots in each one.


And meanwhile we have a whole (and empty) list where we put the players we invited to the game…