Corporation Costs

I’ve said it many times, this game is absolutely amazing, so well balanced, runs amazing even on lower end computers, etc. But the real downfall to the game I think is the fact that the developers charge for…wierd things.

I used to be a GM on WoT, so I understand, and have had to tell thousands of players thousands of times, why companies charge for things. They have to make money. However, some of the things seem a little… wierd or outrageous.


The biggest gripe I have on this are 2 things which go together. Clan Tags, and the limit on clan members.


I have a clan in WoT, which I paid for happily. I did the same on this game, however, I then realized I had to dish out an extra 5$ for a clan tag?? Needless to say, It felt like a slap in the face by the developers. This is something you dont want your players to feel, is cheated. I find it silly to have to pay 5$ for 4-5 letters behind your clan members names on the scoreboard. You already paid to have the corporation established, that should also, cover the name/tag.


My second gripe is the starting limit of 20 players. For how popular I believe this game will become, that seems a bit outrageous as well. While I can feel the developers want to charge larger clans for additional clan space. To limit it as low as 20 players seems like over kill, I can’t personally push this limit any higher than an additional 20, money is tight for me, and I already paid out 10$ + an additional 5 which I didnt realize I’d have too. (yes I know I dont “HAVE” to buy the tag, but really… its hard to promote, and show off your clan if nobody knows your in one due to not seeing a tag).


I suggest limiting this number to 40ish instead. Many clans, even the most laid back ones in WoT average 50+ players, and seeing as how this game is about 20x more fun and balanced than WoT will ever be, I believe this game will be able to match WoT in player numbers.

Completely agree with this, you do ~have~ to have the tag or else why have a corp in the first place?


The cost of buying a corp licence should include a TAG, prehaps a small charge if you wanted to change the name and/or TAG at a later point.


I have made my own corp a couple of days ago and was dismayed that I had to pay a further charge to buy the TAG, its a basic component of any guild/clan/corp to be visible to others.


I recommend that an initial TAG set up be part of the basic cost, and furthermore request that the 1000gold be refunded to every player who has so far had to buy this basic requirement (for it is a requirement)



Agreed. When I hit 50 members and then found I had to pay 6500 standards to go past 50 I hit the proverbial wall. I’ve already put well over $100 into this game, and I feel like they’re going a bit far. I don’t mind paying for a Corporation, but having to pay, literally, a dollar per member is a bit excessive.

Agreed. Money grubbing should not be

So obvious, especially when

Their “Elite Pilot Pack” has become a

Proverbial cash vow for them.

Agreed completely!

I was almost considering getting the clan of my boyfriend some representation in this, now i am not considering that anymore, paying for tag and only 20 people? finally something i consider a ripoff in this game

I’m glad to see so many agree with me :slight_smile:

Personally? I have a bit of an issue charging for it in the first place as it inspires competition and community and even small clans of a close knit group of friends adds to this feeling. Regardless, I’ll have to agree with you on this one. Charging is bad enough, grubbing is a bit unacceptable.

Either way they need to change some of the things they charge for.

I must agree with Athena on this, I had been musing about creating a corp for some time; when I first joined, the interface was relatively simple, and made no mention of “Oh by the way, you’re limited to 20 members and can’t have a ticker/tag by default”, at the cost of nearly 10GBP.

Taking a look now, I see that the UI now mentions the population cap, but still does not make mention of the lack of a tag, before reading this post, I had assumed that the corps I had seen without one had either forgotten to set theirs, or decided to come back to it once they had thought of an appropriate one. So what we have now, is a system that charges around 13GBP to have 20 members and a ticker, and from what I can tell, as of yet, this cost rests solely on the CEO/Founder of the corp, with no means for members to contribute as a group. To put the cost into perspective, that 13GBP would pay for a good two month’s worth of coffee, even at the rate I go through it :wink:

This is, indeed, pretty grubby, made all the more questionable by the fact that, as mentioned, the current interface makes no mention of the Clan-Ticker issue. Add the, frankly, tiny member cap to that, for the price one is paying, and it starts to feel a little fraudulent, from the perspective of someone who has already put a bit of cash up to the devs in support of a game with pretty decent gameplay.

I am of the mind that the ticker/tag ought to be included by default, as folks here are correct when they say that it’s the tag that shows people you’re in a corp in the first place, and the currently paltry member cap most certainly needs a boost to be more reasonable for the cash people are paying for it.

Wait till you see the costs for upgrading your clan size, then you will see our frustration.