Corporation Artefact Tax

Star Conflict is getting to the stage where corporation Artefact pool will be in demand, currently there is not much use to it, but it is only for now. 

With Artefacts being used for personal growth (module upgrades) and Corporation currency (dreadnoughts and w/e comes with it) some corporations will be put in a “tough” spot. Of course corporations like my own, that build on mutual trust and friendship within will not have problems with constant income of artefacts at a fair rate from all members, but some corporations that rather build upon activity and simple numbers, where members don’t really care for what their corporation goals are and what it stand for, those might experience an unfair distribution of artefact donations/contributions within a member base.


I believe some thing like this was already proposed, either here or on a Russian forums, just want to remind that there is still need for such mechanics in the game.


  • There has to be a way to set some Tax on artefacts income, gold extractions probably should be exempt from this tax or increased in value to compensate.

  • In the same time option to transfer x amount of artefacts in a single time has to stay as well, for w/e emergencies calls.

Tax has to be clear and visible to every member, and there has to be a notification for every time tax is adjusted.

That seems more than fair to me, as long as the tax rate is not onerous

That seems more than fair to me, as long as the tax rate is not onerous

Yeah, i ment to say to have an ability to set and adjust a corporation Tax by a CEO

Thats what i meant

A strait tax off of what a player earns is a poor idea, as it in essence makes joinging a corperation provide a penalty to the player.  And even though it would likely have little real effect due to vouchers being the limiter (aka i am never at a want for artifacts as I aquire them (and/or purple kits) far more quickly than vouchers, which are needed before you can use artifacts), many players would opt out of joing corperations, and if we want the corperate sections of the game to be fun, we need the player base, anything that would detract from that is, in my opinion, unwise. 



If you were going to apply something like this the way to do it would be to have a % of extra artifacts created and put to the corperation. 

What i mean is if the “tax” is 10%, and you found 100 artifacts, your method would result in 10 going to the corp and 90 to the player.   My method would result in 100 going to the player, and 10 going to the corp.  Esentialy being in a corp causes aditional artifacts to be generated to go to the corp.



another option is to apply somesort of bonus for donating artifacts to the corp.  Like a small synergy bonus or something.  (such as a 10% synergy bonus for one mission for every so may donated artifacts, and it extends the mission count when you donate more, partial progress is kept track of so there will never be wasted donation)

Or for every artifact pickup over 5, 1 goes to the corp. That seems fair to me.

No, i wouldnt think that TAX is the way to go. Just do as World of warcraft do, every money a player gains from quests, animals killed and etc another percentage is awarded to the guild. (Extra generated).


Here, could be this way, if a player earns 5 artifacts, 1 is generated automatically to the corp without draining anything from the player. I dont mean that 20% generation extra, but some variable percentage, like, if a player loots 5, the corp gains an extra 1. If the guy gets 100 the corp gets 10. Something like that. If some form of taxation is made towards the players without any other incentive being given players will run away from corps as they are running away from squads, and there goes more of teamplay away.


If the tax is applyed, make it so that corp members with i dont know, 3000 artifacts give a 10-20% creds income to its members, or make some kind of payment, if the player donates 100 artifacts he gets 20% more creds per battle for a week or so.

If the tax is an option for each individual corp and is NOT mandatory for all corps then so be it, the players can decide if they want to stay in that corp or rather go somewhere else.


I personally don’t like to be taxed and give away my precious artifacts. I may voluntary donate some but that depends on the situation for what they are for.

Meh, artifacts are so easy to farm that I don’t mind donating whenever I can, but in WPK I can’t since it’s maxed xD

Really? How do you farm artifacts without spending GS?

Really? How do you farm artifacts without spending GS?

Simple: By not salvaging useless upgrades. In PvP you got some, in PvE you get plenty of them -> 6 mins PvE mission: Synergy + Credits + 25 to 75 artifacts depending on your RNG luck.

I’ve got over 2000 artifacts, partly since loyalty’s too much of a grind.  I’ve even started getting some of the upgrade kits instead, even for things I don’t really care about.

I have only 32, but i am actively using them on my t3s so meh.